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Experimental 100kts-200kts (N2871G)



s/n 66302 - Las Vegas - Nellis AFB (LSV / KLSV)
Aviation Nation 2016 Air Show
USA - Nevada, November 12, 2016
Photo: TDelCoro


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Tomás... this is an exemplary photo of a PB4Y-2 Privateer!!!
Tomás Del CoroPhoto Uploader
Dave Sheehy
Very nice catch and picture-well done!
Amazing shot. Thanks for sharing.
Alan Brown
Great photo! Good to see it flying!
Karl Scribner
Great shot, sir
Doug Zalud
She looks beautiful up in the airight.
Great weekend at the airshow at Nellis AFB.
Tim Baker
For any photographers out there, why does the foreground wing look(measure) shorter than the far wing? Kind of looks like the law of perspective is not happening
robert cook
The aircraft wings are not flat from tip to tip. They have a dihedral for performance of the aircraft. The lower wing is on a plane closer to level then the upper wings and the upper wing is closer to a vertical plane then the lower wing.
Take two straws and tape the ends together at a shallow angle and you should be able to reproduce the effect.
This is much the same as the two different views of the runway numbers when way to steep or way shallow an approach.
robert cook
Also I think it's a great shot
Great shot! (Essentially the same thing that happens with any "mega-winged" aircraft, such as the B-52, where the wing actually starts flying before the aircraft does!)
Hence the need for the "out-rigger" gear on the 52's.
Tomás Del CoroPhoto Uploader
Thank You Very Much Greetings to All...
jesse kyzer
THANK YOU! to everyone who helps keep these Ol birds flying.
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