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Canadair CL-1 Catalina (N427CV) - Pikes Peak Regional Airshow 2019.
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Canadair CL-1 Catalina (N427CV)


Pikes Peak Regional Airshow 2019.


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Joan Williams
Nice shot!
jesse kyzer
.........GREAT looking A/C, NICE pic!
A little history at: http://m.aerialvisuals.ca/AirframeDossier.php?Serial=6114
Alan Brown
Great Photo! Thanks for posting it.
:( I remember playing on some at the wrecking yards at Blackalls Park in NSW, the floats were removed as they made boats out of them and I used to run up the wing and make her take a huge seesaw :) I still remember the green interior and the smell of oils and that paint.
Then one day they took the engines and the props -- she looked so different :(
AHH memories :)
Fred Ogden
What a beauty! Thanks for posting.
I lived about 1 km from Canadair in Montreal when I was a kid. Beautiful aircraft, great photo!
Great shot of the Catalina! My first flight was as an AR in late 40's @ NAS Seattle.

Turned out to be shakedown flight following major overhaul. The 3 AR's got a helluva ride including several increasingly severe waterlandings in Lake Washington, stalls, etc "wringing out" the bird!

Only after landing did we find out from brass that met the a/c crew that only qualified crew members were authorized to be on board!!

Am a member of the PBY-Naval Air Museum in Oak Harbor, WA. Our PBY-5 is the centerpiece.

Jerry B. Thornton, Sr. ADR 1
VF 894 1949-54
NS Kwaj- 1954 & NAS Ford Island 1954-56
VP 891 1956-68
VP-891 1956
Possible memory hiccup, but is there sn AD requiring removal of the front turret for water ops?????
a mentor
huh? removal of the front turret for water ops?
Entirely inconsistent with the intent of the aircraft, so I would think not.
What a beauty? Notice the center wing support sitting on the top of the fuselage...clearly an Art Deco influence. Great picture, thanks for posting it.
a mentor
The center wing mount is known as a 'parasoll' design, lowering the C.G.
The next lower would be the 'shoulder' wing.
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