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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet — - Blue Angels in very tight formation with two aircraft upright and two inverted. Amazing close up shot with a Canon 800mm lens.
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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet —


Blue Angels in very tight formation with two aircraft upright and two inverted. Amazing close up shot with a Canon 800mm lens.


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Tom Heaverlo
Awesome shot Peter!
good shot man!
What a great close up shot!
Marco Ronci
Leon Kay
Thank you for an amazing photo!
carlos garcia
Wonderful e incredible shot. Congratulations to the photographer.for this amazing photo.
David Seider
Wow! You nailed that on, Mr. DeMoore!
Bravo Zulu on an outstanding shot!
Leandro Vale
wowwwww good one!
Another great shot. Upside down 1 and 4.
Terrific shot!!!!!
J Sandusky
Enjoy their show every year from the balcony of Margaritaville Hotel....awesome.
Amazing is right---great shot of one of their famous tight formations!
Superbe !!! on dirait que le temps s'est arrêté ...le piqué est incroyable ...la composition est géniale ...l'oeuvre d'un maître ...bravo !!!!
Truly AWESOME!!!!
Ron Bird
terry kelsey
Just amazingly good. Bravo !!
Fantastic shot! Knowing that your 800mm lens makes them appear closer and tighter
than they actually are. At what distance from them was the shot taken?
David Dyer
Douglas Miles
DAMN!!! That's a great shot Pete.
You nailed it. Almost like being up there alongside.
Outstanding photo!
Yvonne Malone
Peter DeMoorePhoto Uploader
I have a photography agent and he asked me how I was able to get a ride with the Blue Angels to get this shot. I totally surprised him by telling him that it was just my Canon 800mm lens and and everything else aligning perfectly.
Steven Hill
Naval Aviators


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