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SP-YNZ — - SB LiM-2 . License built in Poland , MiG 15. Leszno , Poland . 29.08.2020
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SB LiM-2 . License built in Poland , MiG 15. Leszno , Poland . 29.08.2020


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Gavin Hughes
Super pic. Licence built or not, great to see a 'MiG-15' in flight. Thank you for sharing.
Jim Quinn
I don't believe I've seen a two-seater Mig-15 before now. Nice shot!
Dwight Hartje
Great shot of this classic MIG-15! This one has an interesting looking 2 seat config. Was this added on later or sold from the factory like this?
Arkadiusz CieslakPhoto Uploader
Thx everybody. Dwight - this is SB Lim-2. Was produced on license from USRR in 50's in Poland. This one is copy of MiG-15 UTI. I think they are exactlly the same from outside and inside.
Dwight Hartje
Thank you so much, sir, for the information on this particular licensed MIG model. I learned something new today.
robin guess
@Dwight the 2 seat MIG 15 was designated M 15UTI. The NATO designation for the single seat version was "FAGOT" and the 2 seat was "MIDGET"
Short and stubby - think it had enough vertical tail?

(But awesome for it's time . . .)
"awesome for its time" ??? Wow sorry, but let me encourage a rethink. This little bad-boy was very sophisticated aerodynamically. That high horizontal stabilizer provided pitch authority on final both F-86 & F-100 pilots would covet. Had the F-100A had the anhedral clearly visible in this pic and a T-tail the phrase "deadly Saber dance" would likely never been a thing. Yes, the little Mig had pilot work-load issues and could have used a little more thrust, but it was truly ahead of its time. Note the tails on the F-101 and the F-104.
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