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XR108 — - Armstrong Whitforth Argosy C1 XR108 215 sqdn RAF_ Pearce (YPEA) mid 1960s.
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XR108 —


Armstrong Whitforth Argosy C1 XR108 215 sqdn RAF_ Pearce (YPEA) mid 1960s.


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Joao Ponces
Surely it was a strange looking plane! And how did it fly?
Kurt... I believe you have the USAF C-54D Skymaster matched with its USAF serial number correctly. Mr. Baugher does not show a line entry for this aircraft as no information or documentation has likely existed that provided any previous location or disposition.

Your photograph is evidence that places it in a specific place and time. If you contact him via e-mail with this information he will update the data base regarding 42-72544 and provide appropriate credit.
Kurt FingerPhoto Uploader
cliff731 thank you, I'll do as you suggest and e-mail the picture and the era to Mr. Baugher.
Kurt FingerPhoto Uploader
It was a combination of a couple of aircraft, my understanding the tailbooms were Gloster Meteor and the wing was Shackleton. Flight, I don't know.
Kurt FingerPhoto Uploader
Rear fuselage on left of photo, USAF C-54D Skymaster serial number possibly 42-72544. Not listed in Joe Baugher's home page, could be misread be me.
Kurt, you are welcome and my thanks to you for your kind reply. Your identification of the USAF serial number is correct in my opinion and says you are also knowledgeable as to "how & why" the tail number has a leading "0" followed by a dash "-".
Kurt FingerPhoto Uploader
cliff731, my understanding the aircraft/serial number is 10 years or more old.
Kurt, that is the same understanding I also have. The elevated flight deck certainly was inspired, creating an unobstructed full length cargo deck.
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