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Piper Tomahawk — - RWY 23 - Dottie     photo by: sandra
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Piper Tomahawk —


RWY 23 - Dottie photo by: sandra


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One of my all time favorites
Barbara Woody
I love this !! Sooo Cute.
Don Ridgeway
Flying, enjoyed by man and his best friend
Certainly one of the the pilot's best flight!!! Dogs are my passion. Brazil on line.
Jose Miguel
Disfutando el vuelo. Pensando , tengo el mundo a "mis patas".Bonita foto.
Jose Miguel
The flight enjoying . I think I have the World to " my legs " .Nice picture.
How about you set this down by that fire hydrante!
Leandro Vale
Just love this picture…!!!!
How sweet, my dog would have done the same had I ever taken with me flying. My airline wouldn't have been to pleased with me however.
David Swiggs
Some dogs like going for a walk, but going for a fly in the Tomahawk is more fun!
I think he want you to open the window so he can stick his head out look out for the slip stream little dog

Awesome -
Steven Hill
I have owned 3 Dals over my life and I really think that is one beautiful Dal.
Dan Little
Always delightful.
super cool!!!! i wish i could see one some day.
Keith Barker
Flight engineer barking instructions?
Mark Hanneman
Awesome!!!! A man, his faithful companion and open skies... Doesn't get much better than that
Robert Crow
Consider using hearing protection for your pup, the link below will take you to a website where you will find quality products for this purpose...the low frequency engine noise will destroy a dog hearing in a short time.

Dave Carnahan
Lovely dog and photo


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