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Antonov An-70 (02BLUE)


ex. UR-EXA


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Mark Thomas
It obviously works but wouldn't the air passing through those counter rotating blades be very turbulent? Would a three blade system work?
Roy Hunte
Research has proven the opposite Mark, it is actually more efficient, but it is rather more costly so I believe that is why western manufacturers haven't used it.
Roy Hunte
Nice shot Pavel!
Jim Quinn
Nice-looking aircraft. So unusual for the Russians, in my opinion. They have had some of the ugliest aircraft in the skies, but this one is very nice. Good shot, Pavel.
I wonder why the pretty paint job on the prop blades. Counter-rotating multi-blade, small-diameter might be an attempt at quiet (stealth) cruise.
jim garrity
The prop blades, match their flag,(colors)!
Mark Lansdell
It sure has a family resemblance to a Hercules.
zx zczc
Jim,ít's Ukrainian, not Russian now, if I am not mistaken.

Roy is right, contra-rotating props are perhaps 15% more efficient that normal props and more importantly, they help reduce tangential air-flow which is a wasted effort in a single prop operation.

The Russians have mastered this technology and its application in helicopters, Kamov, for example, has done away with the tail rotor.
Yes, that is the Ukrainian Flag, readopted in 1992 after the collapse of USSR. Sharp looking aircraft.
Eric Huang
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