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N421DF — - In for fuel while serving as lead plane for retardant aircraft, Cal Fire OV-10 taxis to the fueling station at Siskiyou County Airport.
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N421DF —


In for fuel while serving as lead plane for retardant aircraft, Cal Fire OV-10 taxis to the fueling station at Siskiyou County Airport.


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What a hot rod! I loved working 2 or 3 of these in the VFR pattern almost 40 years ago. Versatile & flexible enough to make a successful sequence for even the most junior of tower controllers.
Leon Kay
Very good photo of an unusual aircraft.
Allegedly no hard-core pilot could avoid puking in one of these OV-10A Broncos, if the propellers were to be un-synchronized. That was told to me circa 03-1985 by a USAF O-5 at Medina AFB OTS, who was shot down by ground-fire in a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog, having been burned over 60% of his extremities by the Phosperous, wing mounted, rockets he neglected to jettison prior to impact.
Angel Ruiz
About 1995 the Columbian Air Force (FAC) was using these birds out from Leticia Airport against FARC guerrillas and Narcos flights. Don't know if they still fly them.
wow. Never saw anything like this. Thank you for the nice pic.
Please thank the firefighter pilots for their service!
Except for STOL vs VTOL, this Acft has a greater mission profile flexibility than an MV-22. USMC & ARMY loved them. Just do not neglect prop sync when transitioning to cruise.
joel wiley
Just wish they weren't working so da**ed hard in their current job.
John Browning
One can always tell it is an OV-10, screaming Garrett!
The pilots on these are contract pilots for Cal Fire, they earn their money, many days, many hours....
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
17/set/2021 V10Sacramento McClellan ()Redding Muni () 14:21 PDT 14:56 PDT 0:35
10/set/2021 V10Redding Muni ()Sacramento McClellan () 11:05 PDT 11:44 PDT 0:38
09/set/2021 V10Redding Muni ()Redding Muni () 16:45 PDT 19:52 PDT 3:07
06/set/2021 V10Redding Muni ()Redding Muni () 16:29 PDT 19:49 PDT 3:20
06/set/2021 V10Redding Muni ()Redding Muni () 13:26 PDT 14:40 PDT 1:13
05/set/2021 V10Redding Muni ()Redding Muni () 16:47 PDT 20:18 PDT 3:30
05/set/2021 V10Redding Muni ()Redding Muni () 12:49 PDT 13:13 PDT 0:24
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