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Picture was taken on July 19th, 1965, the airport was 1 Fighter Wing, Marville France, RCAF, the flight went back to Canada (my first flight in an aircraft) and we had the first rotation of the UN forces coming back from the Cyprus uprising of 1964. Beautiful aircraft but noisy.


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Paul Wisgerhof
Apparently an Ilyushin 18.
Paul Wisgerhof - this one is a Canadair CL-44 (RCAF CC-106 Yukon).
peter tomlinson
Definitely a CC-106 Yukon , Royal Canadian Air Force marking on fuselage .
The nose/cockpit area has a Russian look to it .
Philip Hicks
The CL44 Yukon is a direct descendant of the Bristol 175 Britania, as a Bristol Areo Engines trained areo engineer that during my apprenticeship I built and tested the similar Proteus engines that powered the Britannia. Some one will correct me but was the CL44 powered by RR Tyne turboprops or an American engine? This photo is still magic to me as a Bristolian I grew up with Britannias flying around us for many years.
ph gero
The number on the nose is 23 as seen more clearly on other pictures on the same plane
Good story.
Rex Beesley
RR Tynes..The Britannia had Bristol Proteus.
John Alford
My trip from 1 Wing to Trenton, Ontario, Canada took twelve hours. September 1964.
Martin Coddington
For some reason no one added the aircraft type. This is a Canadair CL-44, based on the English Bristol Britannia, known in the RCAF as the CC-107. In the United States it was flown by Flying Tiger Airlines in the 1960s.


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