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Cessna Skyhawk (N6570)


6570 is one of the Coast Guard's MH-65D Dolphin helicopters and is seen here departing the Signature Flight Support ramp. When this was snapped, the helicopter was over taxiway "Alpha" and they were departing VFR to the north (probably back to their LAX base, but unverified). Ideally, the shot wouldn't have the work truck in the lower left corner, but I didn't have much space as there were aircraft wings both to the right and left of this shot, so I only had one chance to get a mostly clean shot and luckily I did.


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The truck does not interfere with the shot of the CG helicopter at all, Mark. Superior Q snap! ;-)
Ronnie B.
Cool photograph!
The way it is framed it looks as if the Jayhawk is crashing nose first into that fueling station.
Keep it up!
Dwight Hartje
Amazing catch, Mark!
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you all for the comments!

Gary- On a second look after reading your comment, I did realize that the truck really wasn't as in the way as I had originally thought,
We should have caught this one... it's not a Sikorsky Jayhawk.

This is the Coast Guard's MH-65D Dolphin. U.S.C.G. aircraft number 6570 was originally acquired as an Aerospatiale (now Eurocopter) HH-65A Dolphin, MSN 6265, and later converted to a MH-65C. It has subsequently been updated to a MH-65D according to Joe Baugher's published information.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you Cliff, I just got that fixed. I did know that, I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I typed out the description. Thank you again for catching the error :)
You're welcome, Mark... and not to worry. I've done worse sometimes! I caught a sister Dolphin, USCG 6597, at an airshow a few years ago and I've been a passenger on the commercial equivalent to this helicopter. It was surely one of the smoothest I've ever experienced.
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