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When will you guys learn, MILITARY AIRCRAFT DO NOT, REPEAT DO NOT REPEAT, DO NOT CARRY U.S. REGISTRATION NUMBERS starting with letter N, more so in this case that this E3F (F for France, mind you) belongs to the _Armee de láir which translates into FRENCH AIR FORCE. Aircraft N702CB under civilian registry/ownership in the U.S. is an S.2R aerial spraying/firefighting aircraft with a single Wright R-1820 av gas engine of 1450 HP.
Greg Byington
In didairbus's defense, I believe that unless you put in a six digit number (such as for US military aircraft serial numbers) the FA system automatically puts an "N" in there for you whether you want it or not. I'm guessing that didairbus knows this isn't a Rockwell S-2R. And 702-CB does appear to be the French Air Force registration number for this aircraft. I think he was trying to get it right. So, I would cut him a little slack, and it is a pretty good shot.
The photo is excellent! The aircraft is indeed a E-3F / Code: 702-CB / Ser #202 / Ln: 1003 / Cn: 24116 per the Scramble military database & rzjets.net
If the autopilot sends you on a 60° downward trajectory you disconnect it ASAP and then fly it manually, right.
Those who have never submitted/uploaded an aircraft photo to FA's system know little of the attending quirks and gremlins waiting on such an endeavor.
e-3f AWACS
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N702CB dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
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