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Ordinary flight (YYC-YYZ)
Air Canada interior


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Max Ethan
What aircraft is this?
calexievPhoto Uploader
An Airbus A320 or A321. The flight was in 2010.
Hi, it doesn't seem to be a widebody plane, because it's only got one galley, in the middle of the plane. Further, if you look to the ceiling above the seats with the gadgets as well as the window rows, for me it seems to be an Airbus. So, we are in the area of an Airbus standard-body. If you consider that Air Canada doesn't have A318-100, it could only be an Airbus A320-200 or an Airbus 321-200. Which type of them, this would be very hard to say, not to say that it would be impossible, because these two types are nearly identical, even their interior. Some more details of the interior would be helpful to find it out, but they are not on your picture. But I hope my first evaluation could be a little helpful to you. Best regards.
Hi, one further information about it. I didn't count A319-100, because in my opinion your plane is too long for it. Look how far you can see along the galley in the direction of the Cockpit. But now, one detail: Look the fat door of the emergency exit on the left hand side. So, let's have a look how the emergency exit doors of the Air Canada airbuses look like. A319-100 has only got one exit row door, over the wing. It is a little door with one normal window in it, with a normal seating row aside. Twice these little doors for A320-200, same like A319. Only the exit row door in the A321-200 is a real door, one behind and one ahead the wing. If I look to the plane on your photo, the door seems not to be a separately door, it seems to be a normal window, thicked to be a door. You can see seatbelts aside. So, it would be possible to say your plane is no A321-100. If you assume furtermore that this plane is no A319-100, it should be an A320-200. Your photo has essential details in it, but when answering first I didn't notice the exit row door, please excuse. Best regards.


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