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North American Sabreliner (N65SL) - In the rain, that's why the photo is grainy
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North American Sabreliner (N65SL)


In the rain, that's why the photo is grainy


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Paul Wisgerhof
This is a Saberliner 65. 76 of this variant were produced.
Diana Rose
Manufacturer is Rockwell International according to FAA Registry. Owned by an aviation service out of Birmingham, AL.
marylou anderson
I don't think it's grainy.
An observer ought to be able to tell it's raining
Hard to believe this Jet A guzzler is still economically feasible.
Nevertheless, a beautiful design with the trademark teardrop windows.
This is a Sabre 65 with the "hard" wing, with hot leading edges and no slats, and it has the newer and more fuel efficient Garrett 731 fan engines. The older models 40 and 60 has the Pratt and Whitney JT-12 straight turbojets, and no de-ice on the wings because of the slats.
Another observation on this 65 is its equipped with an APU and the cockpit eyebrow windows have been removed.
Thanks Jim, I hadn't realised that the earlier slat equipped Sabres had unheated leading edges. I'm type rated in the WW1124 and the Lear.
James Satterwhite
Flew to many places on the T-39 Sabre Liner during its days with the Air Force.


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