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Fairchild-Republic Thunderbolt 2 (78-0670)
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Fairchild-Republic Thunderbolt 2 (78-0670)



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Greg Byington
Great shot, Zdenek!
Zdenek BubakPhoto Uploader
Thank You!
Diana Rose
flat metal. great grab!
David Apps
Great shot Zdenek. Makes me think it has plenty of grunt.
Oh! A10, Amazing!
Robert Bryan
Looking at this photo (great perspective btw) makes me realize how much of this aircraft is engine! As a GE Aviation alum - luv those TF-34s! Of course, the GE GAU-8 is amazing also! Long live the Warthog!!!
Mike Geer
Probably saved more lives that just about any other ground support aircraft.
As a former airborne infantryman, these were my favorite aircraft. Now as a civilian flight instructor these are *STILL* my favorite aircraft. Beautiful photo!
Jerome Tre
Beautiful aircraft!
One of my favorite modern day planes... brrrruuuuppp...
Cole Neill
one Bad Ass bird! I saw Warthogs in action on the highway of death during Desert Storm. 100% kill rate every pass, all day long! oo-rah!
Paul Barrett
Mike, can't argue but don't forget about the P-47 "Jug", different era, same effect!
This plane lived at NYANG 174th for most of the '80s Msgt Jim Varney was it's crewchief
Not real pretty, one hell of a war plane
Chris Croft
Mike, don't want to split hairs over which is the foremost close air support aircraft, but let's not overlook the A1-H Skyraider/Spad.This aircraft was a real tactical asset for Marine and Army ground units in Viet Nam. Just like the Warthog, it was a flying tank, and the troops loved them.
john cook
Stick & Rudder
bob reeves
serge LOTH
SUPER plane it's a beast...!! nothing to replace it! very Good picture
soupy264, you seem familiar with this particular aircraft, is it a 78 model# 0670 or is it an 80 model #0279 like the paint on the nose and tail seem to indicate?
Zdenek BubakPhoto Uploader
skylab72.....its 80 model #0279
Nate Tobik
Nice shot
Donna Yost
Nothing like a Warthog!
38 years in aviation, the HOG is my fav.
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