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Very cool looking livery !
Tom Heaverlo
Those colors really stand out against that dark sky! Great photo!
Dwight Hartje
Yet another amazing shot of Air Baltic's new Lithuanian Flag livery!
Andre Blanchard
Amazing photo
Like the design,very nice.
Frederik deCockBuning
on the plane i read airbus A220-300 ?? but it is a BCS3
who is confused ?? apparantly my self .. reading at Wiki ..
Viv Pike
Frederik - nothing to be confused about. The Airbus A220-300 was previously known as the Bombardier CSeries CS300. It therefore has the ICAO code of BCS3 (Bombardier C-Series 300) even though it is now called the Airbus A220-300. Airbus bought the line from Bombardier.
Nat Sam
Nice livery, but customer service not great on Baltic Air. My bag didn't arrive (well, OK), but then they don't deliver bags after 5pm on Fri (the bag arrived on next flight at 10pm), they don't have messengers on weekends, and the messenger was on vacation the next Mon. My tour guide had to convince one of the folks that worked in their lost baggage dept to bring the bag home with him, then hand it off to our bus driver who happened to live in the same town (Klaipėda) as the worker. The bus driver then picked us up that Tues morning, and my bag was loaded below. Short of this miracle, I would have gone the entire time in Lithuania without baggage.
serge LOTH
@natsam....I m not sure that this is the only airline... you can have surprise everywhere in the world..
W Peter Landry
That's a work of industrial art. The proportions, the colors, great work. From the designers and builders of the airframe, to the designers and painters of the livery, to the photographer who captured it's colorful glow, Bravo!
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
30/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Int'l di Riga () 05:58 EET 06:33 EET 0:35
29/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Int'l di Vilnius () 23:22 EET 23:54 EET 0:31
29/nov/2020 223Zurigo-Kloten ()Int'l di Riga () 09:59 CET 13:15 EET 2:16
29/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Zurigo-Kloten () 07:49 EET 08:33 CET 1:43
29/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Int'l di Riga () 05:50 EET 06:21 EET 0:31
28/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Int'l di Vilnius () 23:20 EET 00:00 EET (+1) 0:40
28/nov/2020 223Tallinn ()Int'l di Riga () 21:11 EET 21:44 EET 0:33
28/nov/2020 223Londra-Gatwick ()Tallinn () 15:49 GMT 20:18 EET 2:28
28/nov/2020 223Tallinn ()Londra-Gatwick () 13:31 EET 14:05 GMT 2:34
28/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Tallinn () 12:00 EET 12:32 EET 0:32
27/nov/2020 223Bruxelles-Zaventem ()Int'l di Riga () 19:12 CET 22:23 EET 2:11
27/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Bruxelles-Zaventem () 16:40 EET 17:33 CET 1:53
27/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Int'l di Riga () 14:51 EET 15:29 EET 0:37
27/nov/2020 223Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l di Vilnius () 10:56 CET 13:57 EET 2:00
27/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 08:04 EET 09:03 CET 1:59
27/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Int'l di Vilnius () 06:23 EET 06:55 EET 0:32
26/nov/2020 223internazionale di Monaco di Baviera ()Int'l di Riga () 19:31 CET 22:12 EET 1:40
26/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()internazionale di Monaco di Baviera () 16:56 EET 17:45 CET 1:48
26/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Int'l di Riga () 15:00 EET 15:36 EET 0:36
26/nov/2020 223Parigi-Roissy ()Int'l di Vilnius () 10:57 CET 14:06 EET 2:09
26/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Parigi-Roissy () 07:57 EET 09:20 CET 2:23
26/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Int'l di Vilnius () 06:05 EET 06:34 EET 0:29
25/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Int'l di Riga () 14:13 EET 14:49 EET 0:36
25/nov/2020 223Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l di Vilnius () 10:20 CET 13:09 EET 1:49
25/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 07:48 EET 08:47 CET 1:59
25/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Int'l di Vilnius () 06:22 EET 06:49 EET 0:27
24/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Int'l di Riga () 05:37 EET 06:14 EET 0:37
23/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Int'l di Vilnius () 23:19 EET 23:46 EET 0:27
22/nov/2020 223internazionale di Monaco di Baviera ()Int'l di Riga () 19:16 CET 21:57 EET 1:40
22/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()internazionale di Monaco di Baviera () 16:55 EET 17:43 CET 1:47
22/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Int'l di Riga () 15:02 EET 15:37 EET 0:35
22/nov/2020 223Parigi-Roissy ()Int'l di Vilnius () 10:59 CET 14:07 EET 2:08
22/nov/2020 223Int'l di Vilnius ()Parigi-Roissy () 07:59 EET 09:33 CET 2:34
22/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Int'l di Vilnius () 06:30 EET 06:48 EET 0:17
21/nov/2020 223internazionale di Düsseldorf ()Int'l di Riga () 19:29 CET 22:08 EET 1:39
21/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()internazionale di Düsseldorf () 17:17 EET 18:13 CET 1:56
21/nov/2020 223Tallinn ()Int'l di Riga () 14:29 EET 15:00 EET 0:31
21/nov/2020 223Berlino-Schönefeld ()Tallinn () 10:56 CET 13:34 EET 1:38
21/nov/2020 223Tallinn ()Berlino-Schönefeld () 09:01 EET 09:28 CET 1:27
21/nov/2020 223Int'l di Riga ()Tallinn () 07:23 EET 08:00 EET 0:37
20/nov/2020 223Stoccolma-Arlanda ()Int'l di Riga () 19:56 CET 21:43 EET 0:47
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