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Beechcraft Twin Bonanza (N1961)
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Beechcraft Twin Bonanza (N1961)



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Luke Closson
Lovely-- Elegance in flight
ken kemper
My Favorite
Don Anklin
Got quite a few hours in those old Twin Bo's love them. They don't make um like that anymore!!
Tom Zaidman
Like the Baron engines very close to the cabin. A noisy but great airplane.
Dan Little
david alspach
Very sophisticated for a 1950's aircraft. Simple to fly for a twin: augmentor tubes for exhaust - no cowl flaps; pressure carburators so no carb ice along with altitude compensation so just leave the mixtures rich. Sturdy gear - the same as the queen air. Big impressive stance on the ramp as a six footer can walk under the wing tip without bending down. The engines turned at 3100 rpm at TO powerr and made nice noise through the augmentor tubes turning big 81" geared props. Typical Beech with flaps on the left and gear on the right and props/throttles/mixtures.
It was designed to fly around the military brass and came with an airstair in military dress. Also configured 3 + 3 with the co-pilot seat in the middle as ours was for civilians. Always looked like you were taxing in with your best bud CFI. I was spoiled and got to fly it for just keeping it clean (although cleaning that tail 14' off the ground was a bit of a stretch and there was a lot of surface). It would run on 80 octane if you could find it and burned about 30 an hour of $1 avgas. That was 40 years ago and the plane was 25 then.
The really don't make them like that anymore.
C.W. Reed
Simply magnificent!

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16/set/2022 BE50Griffin-Spalding County ()Northwest Florida Beaches Intl () 11:23 EDT 11:34 CDT (?) 1:10
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