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Lockheed L-1011 TriStar (CS-TEE)


Date 30/05/87 c/n 1243


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Mark Thomas
5 stars for the memories John! '87 was a couple of years before I started spotting at Pearson but I spent an awful lot of time on top of terminal one! I sure miss the L10-11's. What else you have?
john TurnerPhoto Uploader
There is a few left yet which I hope to upload over the coming weeks/months. They were all taken on
my one trip to Canada from the UK. As I am 74 I don,t think I will be doing another one. There are
some Millardair shots if they scan OK.
The odd thing is, there are still DC-10s flying (freighters, mostly) but no L-1011s. Weren't they a more solid aircraft?
Mark Thomas
Kenneth Williams, there is one operational L10-11 working for Orbital Sciences (N140SC) "Stargazer" She launches Pegasus rockets from her belly at altitude. They use her in different places around the world. Apparently the ex-RAF tankers are airworthy (retired in 2014) but are in storage. It's a shame isn't it?
Mike Boote
Kenneth Williams - the L-1011 was a MUCH more solid aircraft, however there were far fewer of them built. Also, if not for FedEx, I'm not sure how many DC-10's would still be flying.
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