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Boeing 747-200 (92-9000)


Making one of the gentlest landings I've ever seen, the pilots of this Boeing VC-25A (92-9000), operating as Air Force One (89th Airlift Wing, Andrews AFB) with POTUS Trump aboard, touch the nose wheels down on the runway 16R concrete at 10:15 AM to complete a flight from Phoenix.
* * I wish to express my most heartfelt Thank You to ... every person associated with the FlightAware photo gallery (especially Mr. R. Jorgensen), everyone at the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority, everyone at the 152nd AW PAO, and the half million (plus) viewers of my photos in the FA gallery because it was each and every one of you who made this momentous day in my life as an amateur aviation photographer possible. Never again will I have such exclusive up-close photographic access to the greatest Boeing 747 in the world and I am appreciative beyond my ability to express. * *


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
It was surreal! Camera people (photographers and videographers) representing several major television and newspaper organizations all taking photos in the secure media area ... and me, a nobody amateur photographer with a couple of Canon cameras. Absolutely surreal 30 minutes in my life! But I knew I'd never get another invitation like this again, so I sure didn't waste those minutes. Over 750 photos of just one aircraft! And when AF1 came to a stop on the ramp only a hundred feet away, I was standing in a direct line with the front cabin door. Everyone on the platform wanted to be in the space I was occupying. (lol) I grew roots like a thousand year old oak tree; they couldn't have moved me with a bulldozer! (lol) One guy who was using a huge video camera with a mic on a long boom leaned over and asked, "Which network are you with?" I was caught totally off guard and didn't know what to say, so I replied with the first thing I came up with ... RNO. He seemed satisfied and went back to filming the POTUS shaking hands. An amazing morning!!
sam kuminecz
amazing Gary, what an experience, but never say never in aviation, I believe more opportunities will follow this.
congrats on the photo and the experience of a lifetime
Dave Sheehy
Awesome picture and thanks for sharing the experience, Gary! Well done as usual :)
Gary - this was a well deserved honor for you... as your photo work speak most eloquently to and in a precise manner regarding your photographic skills. Along with that, it speaks volumes about your character as a person and your dedication as a photographer!

Yes... I too would have grown roots "like a thousand year old oak tree"... :-)

I loved your "back story" and narrative... and I'm sitting here with a huge smile on my face!!!

My heartfelt thanks goes to You for sharing all this with us!!!

You, sir, have made my day!
G Zorbas
Thanks for sharing this, and all your other photographs, Gary.
Keep your elbows out and carry on pushing the major media guys out of your way lol.
Gary, You get 5 stars just for the story. West of the Mississippi... you should have said KRNO.
nice job Gary know I need to know how I can make it as a screen saver. thank again.
nice god job know I need to figure how to make it as a screen saver
Steven Coker
It never gets old to see it land in person. Thrilling! Maybe because there's an erie silence beforehand as every plane arriving and departing is temporarily placed on hold, even at the largest airports. And love the story. If you every listen to the ATC communications, that's always an added bonus. Or getting to see "Marine One" (and company) takeoff for a local destination afterward and practically shake the ground. So cool!
Greg Byington
Well done, Gary! I'm happy for you and for the great pics! Thanks a bunch for sharing!
Jim Quinn
Gary, I'm looking forward to some follow-on shots from your 750 in the near future.
Terrific job!
Allsom Photo of one beautiful 747 & the only one like it.
Another great photo with a bonus of a nose wheel smoker and thrust reversers open. Hope you will show more photos of the POTUS visit.
Uwe Zinke
perfect Gary!!
a wounderfull picture!! i know you enjoy this moment!!
No smoking on the runway please mr. 747
Leon Artac
Is this Andrews or Tuscon? Mountains in the back look more like Az. landscape.
sam kuminecz
Leon, it's KRNO Reno NV
ken kemper

What a wonderful experience to be up close to AF ! Glad you had that opportunity. And you will never forget it !!


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