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Airbus A320 (N346FR)


Meet "Al the Roadrunner," Frontier's newest wildlife tail. Unveiled less than three months ago, on Jan 5, 2019, "Al" is snapped here paying a visit to northern Nevada two days ago (on Sat., Mar 30). This was not Al's first appearance at Reno Tahoe International since being unveiled and presented to the public (he was here in February), but this IS his first appearance in FlightAware's Photo Gallery because, as unbelieveable as it seems, this is also the first photo of N346FR to be posted into the gallery.


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Uwe Zinke
perfect pic Gary!!!
C.W. Reed
I agree with Uwe! Very sharp! 5 stars!! Thank you for posting, Gary! Cheers from Indiana!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Uwe and C.W. >> Hi to you both, and Thanks, too. I missed getting this one back in February (must have missed a phone call notifying me), so I am glad I caught it this time. And I got very lucky; the sun was going down but "Al" arrived about 20 minutes before the sun disappeared behind the Sierra Nevada. (Wave to both of you)
Dwight Hartje
Gorgeous shot of this brand new FFT A320neo! I love that Frontier paints a different animal on the tail of ever aircraft. It is a great marketing strategy and cool for spotters as well.
serge loth
How about the "coyote" Will e??
David Ingram
C.W. Reed
Hi Gary! Glad you caught that one in time!
jim garrity
Another picture that would look good in a AD!
Leon Kay
Thank you for a great shot and informative comment.
Tom Vance
I think it's about time Gman climbs "Rattlesnake Hill" and soon.....? anybody else think he is due?
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
07/ago/2020 A320internazionale di Denver ()Burlington Intl () 07:29 MDT 12:52 EDT Schedulato
06/ago/2020 A320Int'l Generale Mitchell ()internazionale di Denver () 18:50 CDT 20:09 MDT Schedulato
06/ago/2020 A320internazionale di Denver ()Int'l Generale Mitchell () 14:46 MDT 17:45 CDT Schedulato
06/ago/2020 A320Int'l di Detroit ()internazionale di Denver () 12:55 EDT 13:38 MDT Schedulato
06/ago/2020 A320internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Detroit () 07:15 MDT 11:45 EDT Schedulato
05/ago/2020 A20NInt'l di Salt Lake City ()internazionale di Denver () 12:45 MDT 13:45 MDT 0:59
05/ago/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 10:29 MDT 11:31 MDT 1:01
05/ago/2020 A20NInt'l di Tampa ()internazionale di Denver () 07:40 EDT 09:08 MDT 3:27
05/ago/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Tampa () 01:21 MDT 06:17 EDT 2:55
04/ago/2020 A20NAtlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()internazionale di Denver () 00:55 EDT 01:26 MDT 2:30
03/ago/2020 A20NFiorello LaGuardia ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 20:15 EDT 22:17 EDT 2:01
03/ago/2020 A20NAtlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 17:16 EDT 19:03 EDT 1:46
03/ago/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 10:40 MDT 15:47 EDT 3:06
02/ago/2020 A20NInt'l di Norfolk ()internazionale di Denver () 19:27 EDT 20:40 MDT 3:12
02/ago/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Norfolk () 13:17 MDT 18:16 EDT 2:58
02/ago/2020 A20NInt'l Generale Mitchell ()internazionale di Denver () 10:32 CDT 11:26 MDT 1:53
02/ago/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l Generale Mitchell () 06:19 MDT 09:17 CDT 1:57
01/ago/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()internazionale di Denver () 13:27 MDT 13:47 MDT 0:20
01/ago/2020 A20NInt'l di San Antonio ()internazionale di Denver () 09:31 CDT 10:28 MDT 1:57
31/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di San Antonio () 20:37 MDT 23:26 CDT 1:48
31/lug/2020 A20NDane Co Rgnl ()internazionale di Denver () 18:03 CDT 18:55 MDT 1:51
31/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Dane Co Rgnl () 14:06 MDT 16:48 CDT 1:42
31/lug/2020 A20NInt'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()internazionale di Denver () 12:07 CDT 12:35 MDT 1:27
31/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 08:10 MDT 10:34 CDT 1:23
27/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Houston ()internazionale di Denver () 06:49 CDT 07:43 MDT 1:53
26/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()internazionale di Houston () 19:49 MDT 22:45 CDT 1:55
26/lug/2020 A20NWichita Mid-Continent ()internazionale di Denver () 18:11 CDT 18:20 MDT 1:08
26/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Wichita Mid-Continent () 14:55 MDT 17:00 CDT 1:04
26/lug/2020 A20NInt'l Generale Mitchell ()internazionale di Denver () 12:24 CDT 13:24 MDT 1:59
26/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l Generale Mitchell () 08:26 MDT 11:22 CDT 1:55
26/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Houston ()internazionale di Denver () 06:11 CDT 07:03 MDT 1:51
25/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()internazionale di Houston () 19:37 MDT 22:29 CDT 1:51
25/lug/2020 A20NInt'l di Tucson ()internazionale di Denver () 13:53 MST 16:21 MDT 1:27
25/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Tucson () 12:09 MDT 12:41 MST 1:31
25/lug/2020 A20Ninternazionale Cincinnati ()internazionale di Denver () 09:26 EDT 09:46 MDT 2:20
24/lug/2020 A20NInt'l di Miami ()internazionale di Denver () 06:14 EDT 07:48 MDT 3:34
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