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Airbus A300F4-600 (N164UP) - Turning to line up on 16R for departure, UPS's N164UP is caught here as it is about to begin the third segment of a VERY busy day of flying: KONT - KMHR - KRNO - KONT - KMCO - KMEM - KSDF.
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Airbus A300F4-600 (N164UP)


Turning to line up on 16R for departure, UPS's N164UP is caught here as it is about to begin the third segment of a VERY busy day of flying: KONT - KMHR - KRNO - KONT - KMCO - KMEM - KSDF.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I did get a grin at the small irony of the Fed Ex van passing by just as I was snapping the departure series of this UPS heavy.
Gavin Hughes
Yeah, indeed, good timing.
Viv Pike
Another great pic, Gary. It's amazing what "perspective" in a photo does to one. This being 16R, I would expect to see 16L to the left of the pic, but it's nowhere to be seen. I went onto Google Maps (Satellite View) to have a look-see, and I think that confused me even more. In this snap of yours, there seems to be very little real estate to the left of this runway, yet plenty on the right.
Would that be Rattlesnake just off shot on the far left, or do I have it wrong?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Gavin. Thanks. Viv >> Thanks. And to answer your comment .... The small portion of mountain visible at the left center edge is the "start' of the Snake. That other hill in the pic is known as Huffaker Hills Park. There is a little gazebo on it (I can see it because I know where to look, but you won't be able to spot it in this pic). There is a good view from the park, but it is nowhere as high as Rattlesnake plus it is farther away from the airport so planes, whether departing or arriving, are higher as they fly past the park. The Southwest in this pic is taxiing north on Bravo; Alpha is to the right of it. The reason you cannot see 16L-34R is because it is 2000 feet shorter than 16R-34L and the "short" end is at the 34R end ... and I was trying to get the SW in the shot so I was "aiming" at 16R and at the taxiways to the right of 16R. To help "orient" you on Google, the "close up" vehicles are passing by on Mill St. The area I am snapping from is a city-owned disposal site located on the south bank of the Truckee River. It is populated by many homeless persons. After an unsettling encounter I had there at dawn about three years ago, I still go there at night and also during daylight hours, but now I am armed whenever I go -- especially at night because it is pitch dark, there is no emergency vehicle access to that area, and it is quite isolated. By the time "assistance' could get to that area, the scene would be deserted.
Nice shot Gary! Now I'm orientated. You take care up there.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
11/giu/2021 A306San Juan-Isla Verde ()Int'l di Louisville () 21:10 AST 00:47 EDT (+1) 3:37
11/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Louisville ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 16:00 EDT 19:38 AST 3:37
11/giu/2021 A306Manchester ()Int'l di Louisville () 05:57 EDT 07:48 EDT 1:51
11/giu/2021 A306Philadelphia Intl ()Manchester () 03:55 EDT 04:37 EDT 0:42
10/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Pittsburgh ()Philadelphia Intl () 22:13 EDT 22:59 EDT 0:45
10/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Louisville ()Int'l di Pittsburgh () 17:31 EDT 18:22 EDT 0:50
10/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Int'l di Louisville () 08:44 MDT 13:23 EDT 2:39
10/giu/2021 A306Int'l Billings Logan ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 06:03 MDT 07:05 MDT 1:01
10/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Ontario ()Int'l Billings Logan () 02:17 PDT 05:02 MDT 1:44
09/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Phoenix ()Int'l di Ontario () 19:10 MST 20:00 PDT 0:50
09/giu/2021 A306Chicago/Rockford Intl ()Int'l di Phoenix () 15:22 CDT 16:20 MST 2:58
09/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Ontario ()Chicago/Rockford Intl () 07:32 PDT 12:40 CDT 3:07
09/giu/2021 A306internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Ontario () 04:55 MDT 05:57 PDT 2:02
09/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()internazionale di Denver () 02:49 CDT 03:14 MDT 1:25
08/giu/2021 A306Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 22:58 EDT 23:35 CDT 1:37
08/giu/2021 A306internazionale di Charlotte ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 18:30 EDT 19:08 EDT 0:37
08/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Louisville ()internazionale di Charlotte () 16:46 EDT 17:41 EDT 0:54
08/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Orlando ()Int'l di Louisville () 07:33 EDT 09:12 EDT 1:38
08/giu/2021 A306Philadelphia Intl ()Int'l di Orlando () 04:05 EDT 05:49 EDT 1:43
07/giu/2021 A306Int'l Hopkins di Cleveland ()Philadelphia Intl () 21:56 EDT 22:58 EDT 1:02
04/giu/2021 A306Capital Region Intl ()Int'l Hopkins di Cleveland () 06:08 EDT 06:39 EDT 0:30
04/giu/2021 A306Chicago/Rockford Intl ()Capital Region Intl () 03:20 CDT 04:56 EDT 0:36
04/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Louisville ()Chicago/Rockford Intl () 01:59 EDT 01:46 CDT 0:46
02/giu/2021 A306San Juan-Isla Verde ()Int'l di Louisville () 20:52 AST 00:38 EDT (+1) 3:46
02/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Louisville ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 15:28 EDT 19:11 AST 3:43
02/giu/2021 A306internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Louisville () 06:21 CDT 08:59 EDT 1:37
02/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Louisville ()internazionale di Houston () 03:56 EDT 04:46 CDT 1:49
01/giu/2021 A306San Juan-Isla Verde ()Int'l di Louisville () 21:20 AST 01:02 EDT (+1) 3:41
01/giu/2021 A306Int'l di Louisville ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 15:29 EDT 19:13 AST 3:44
01/giu/2021 A306New Orleans Intl ()Int'l di Louisville () 04:36 CDT 06:58 EDT 1:21
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