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Boeing 737-900 (N75435)


I've got many, many people to say Thanks to for my catching this wonderful special livery here at Reno yesterday. I cannot name every single person, but I do wish to publicly acknowledge the following wonderful folks / agencies: Ryan J., Michael H., "M.S.," and Daniel B. at FlightAware; "Calamity Jane" in California; and Kim, Carrie, and the M&PA branch at RTAA. Thanks to all of you, I finally caught (after several YEARS of twice-a-day tracking) the UAL "Continental Airlines" retro special livery when it made its first-ever visit to Reno Tahoe International yesterday during the late morning - noon hour. This one was the Top Priority special paint on my "MUST Catch" list, and after getting over 320 shots of it landing, on the ramp from every conceivable angle, and then taking off, I can scratch it off my list. Thank You, All! (Both Thumbs Up and Hi Fives, too)


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
This aircraft was immaculate!!! And it looks fantastic no matter if the day is cloudy or sunny. When it arrived from SFO about 30 minutes before straight-up noon, there were heavy clouds over the airport, but clear skies were moving in from the west and by the time it departed 75 minutes later, the sun was out and shining. So when I was standing on taxiway Charlie to capture it landing next to me on 16L, the skies were dark, but as I stood on runway 16R (which was closed) to snap it taking off next to me, the sun was shining very brightly. I've waited a long, long time to click this one, and I could not have asked for better conditions than yesterday to finally catch it. And once more, I extend my deepest Thanks to all the great people and agencies named above ... I'd never have caught it without their help.
Greg Byington
Nice job, Gary!
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N75435 dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
24/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Washington-Dulles ()Int'l Boston-Logan () 11:05 EST 12:08 EST Schedulato
23/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Denver ()Int'l Boston-Logan () 10:20 MST 15:47 EST Schedulato
23/gen/2021 B739Spokane Intl ()internazionale di Denver () 06:05 PST 08:55 MST Schedulato
22/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Denver ()Spokane Intl () 20:05 MST 20:58 PST 1:52
22/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Tampa ()internazionale di Denver () 16:35 EST 18:25 MST 3:49
22/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Tampa () 10:15 MST 14:54 EST 2:39
22/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Phoenix ()internazionale di Denver () 07:20 MST 08:38 MST 1:17
21/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Phoenix () 19:56 MST 21:24 MST 1:27
21/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Washington-Dulles ()internazionale di Denver () 16:25 EST 18:17 MST 3:51
21/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Denver ()internazionale di Washington-Dulles () 10:09 MST 14:37 EST 2:27
21/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Reno-Tahoe ()internazionale di Denver () 05:50 PST 08:30 MST 1:39
20/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Reno-Tahoe () 19:38 MST 20:29 PST 1:50
20/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Las Vegas ()internazionale di Denver () 15:29 PST 17:50 MST 1:21
20/gen/2021 B739Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Las Vegas () 10:40 EST 12:38 PST 4:57
19/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Newark-Liberty () 16:39 CST 20:18 EST 2:38
19/gen/2021 B739Int'l di San Antonio ()internazionale di Houston () 14:29 CST 15:10 CST 0:40
18/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di San Antonio () 20:30 CST 21:12 CST 0:41
18/gen/2021 B739Int'l di San Antonio ()internazionale di Houston () 14:34 CST 15:05 CST 0:30
17/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di San Antonio () 20:40 CST 21:17 CST 0:36
17/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Las Vegas ()internazionale di Houston () 13:39 PST 18:15 CST 2:35
17/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Las Vegas () 10:18 CST 11:09 PST 2:50
16/gen/2021 B739Int'l Philip S. W. Goldson ()internazionale di Houston () 14:30 CST 16:44 CST 2:13
16/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Int'l Philip S. W. Goldson () 10:20 CST 12:28 CST 2:07
16/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale di Houston () 07:19 EST 08:38 CST 2:19
15/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Orlando () 20:24 CST 22:58 EST 1:33
15/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Cancun ()internazionale di Houston () 16:51 EST 17:54 CST 2:02
15/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Cancun () 10:08 MST 15:21 EST 3:13
15/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()internazionale di Denver () 07:15 CST 08:32 MST 2:16
14/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Cozumel ()internazionale di Houston () 15:27 EST 16:30 CST 2:02
14/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Cozumel () 10:27 CST 13:18 EST 1:50
14/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Tampa ()internazionale di Houston () 07:42 EST 08:38 CST 1:55
13/gen/2021 B739Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Tampa () 18:34 EST 21:20 EST 2:45
13/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Orlando ()Newark-Liberty () 10:04 EST 12:05 EST 2:00
12/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Orlando () 15:04 CST 17:46 EST 1:41
12/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale di Houston () 12:04 EST 13:14 CST 2:10
11/gen/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Orlando () 19:45 CST 22:29 EST 1:43
11/gen/2021 B739Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale di Houston () 17:02 EST 18:13 CST 2:10
11/gen/2021 B739Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Orlando () 13:20 EST 15:50 EST 2:29
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