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This scan of a very, VERY old Kodak 620 film picture (the second picture of a two picture set) shows a Mohawk Airlines Fairchild Hiller FH-227 propjet (N7801M), named "Albany," as it is taxiing away from Gate 11 at Greater Buffalo International (now Buffalo Niagara International ... KBUF). This photo is the companion photo to the one I posted yesterday that shows this same aircraft from another angle.
Those are two American Airlines L188 Electras in the background.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Allegheny's semi-hostile takeover of Mohawk Airlines had tragic results in more ways than one. One result is that there will never be a "Mohawk heritage" livery; a shame because MOH had several "airline firsts" so the airline should be remembered with a special livery in this paint. Instead, photos like this one will have to suffice.
Dave Sheehy
Gary-thanks for posting. I worked with quite a few "Hawkers" at US Air but never saw one of the logos. Very cool pic! 5* addition-
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
TY, Dave. (And I'm already prepping myself to write that blog article featuring your memorabilia items by doing a bit of background research. This is going to be super fun for me; and I am very, very grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to photo the items and write the article.) (Two Thumbs Up)
Tom Vance
Sweet time machine Gman - I've never seen this scheme either at the SFO Airline collectible show either, paper or photo...From BFI very early 1960's we lived above the airport on the east hills, and the West Coast Airline F-27s were daily flights and they sounded so cool. My cousin's flew them from time to time from Port Angeles - BFI and it was so cool to get to watch them land, then drive the 5 minutes down to the airport to pick them up.
Thanks Gary! You know as a kid growing up in SYD in the late 1960's I often saw (always) B & W photos in aviation magazines of Mohawk aircraft, but I never guessed that their livery incorporated Gold!...They sure looked fantastic! It wasn't until 1982 that I got a job flying F-27s. Thanks for showing me what I missed!
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