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Consolidated B-24 Liberator


Posted with the okay from Nate P. and his uncle.

Picture taken Mitchell Airfield NY

Back Row: Pilot Will Graham † Copilot Al Kramer, Navigator M Gwinna * , Bombardier Benny Benicoff, Front Row: Ball Turret Mal Jennings*, Tail Turret Joe Powliski, Engineer Jim Jacks† , John Scott*, Top turret Nathaniel Crowley, Radio Bob Crow *German POW all returned after WWII

† Killed in action over Budapest

* German POW all returned after WWII


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Peter Maas
those were the flying days. Now your "snoot" is in computer screen.
Geoff Anthony
Fabulous photo, thank you for sharing. Great to know history like this will never die
Thanks for sharing, there's just something timeless about these old crew photographs. My father was stationed at Mitchell Field in the mid-fifties. There's not much left of Mitchell Field now.
True honor to the Great American Generation! Thank you so much, Casey.
Jack Sullivan
Thank you for my freedom!
Steve White
My thanks also for our freedom
serge loth
These are the real heroes...Ithere is a stone close to my house where aB24 were shot down after a night mission...
All their name are on it,I stop each time to look at them...when doing my footing.
Bryan Jensen
My dad served on B=24s out of Italy.
God bless this heroes !


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