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Boeing 737-800 (C-GTVF)
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Boeing 737-800 (C-GTVF)



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ken kemper
Fantastic Image !!
ian mcdonell
a great study
Alan Brown
Great photo! Was this taken on approach to landing or on take off?
I hope they are not chemtrails
Great shot.
That's a great shot! Made me smile. Thanks
Looks like a pair of eye's watching the plane
It is like the plane broke the heart in the sky and it is crying...
Angel Ruiz
That is an Excellent artistic photo.
Dennis Bishop
I hope they are not chemtrails)
Funny you should ask! What you are seeing is actually Di-Hydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) , the single most prevalent greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. DHMO isn't apparent until temperature, pressure, and density conditions are just right to reflect the incident light. At that time the awful truths about these chem-trails reveal themselves. P.S. Great photo showing vortexes in action!
Well Done!
Great shot. Super!
Camryn Brown
Love it!
Lonnie Penner
That is such a fantastic photo. Thanks for sharing it.
a mentor
@Dennis Bishop:- chemtrails
Urban legend and only accepted by conspiracy theory adherents.

Chemical reactions of burning hydrocarbons prove that for every gallon of fuel burnt the engines produce a gallon of water vapor which instantly freezes at high altitudes to produce 'water vapor condensation' trails -- aka ICE
Gary Oldfield
@Dennis Bishop:

DHMO is no joke. Studies have shown that 100% of people who have come into contact with DHMO have died. Even scarier is that every human who has ever lived and will ever live will come into contact with it throughout their lives.
Chris Croft
Gary Oldfield, whether or not DHMO is a joke, your post might be the joke. Tell us your professional credentials that make you an expert regarding DHMO and cite the studies that have reached these conclusions
Fantastic shot
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di C-GTVF dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
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