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Boeing Globemaster III (07-7180)
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Boeing Globemaster III (07-7180)



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Leandro Vale
Noticed there does not seem to to be those little spinners to show engines are running, thoughts?
Jerome Tre
Beautiful :)
Chas DeVine
William - They're meat eaters.
Fantastic picture
Anant Patel
Bad ass Monster!!
Sunil Kurian
smile! самолет улыбается
Don Hines
Wiiliam Knowles: Tnis is not a civilian a/c. No need for useless toys.
Jim Newton
Still trying to get Cal Fire or the U.S. Forest Service to look into converting either the Globemaster III or the Galaxy(M) into Fire Tankers. The DC-10 and the Evergreen 747 drop around 12,000 to 14,000 gallons of water or phoschek. Either of these A/C could be configured for this duty with a nearby "racetrack" for taking on additional loads of retardant or Jet/A.
Tom Clark
William... dunno, but my guess is that the bottom of the engine cowling is about 25 feet off the ground... maybe only dangerous to a giraffe.
If you really think about anything, why in the world would you want to fight fires with a C-17 instead of building a dedicated platform for that purpose as the Canadians have and every forward thinking government is using. This would help revitalize the industry, provide more good paying jobs, protect our infrastructure and our resources. What a wasteful idea...
gwapo santa
a MONSTER great PIX thks
Lindo demais !
Shad Bell
Great shot! Do you work here at the airport??
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