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Boeing 737-800 (PH-HZX)


From Gaula hill.


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daniel jef
Nice spot!!
michel charronPhoto Uploader
Yes daniel jef...Rare over aircraft...Thank you for your comment.
Gavin Hughes
I once commented that the plane doesn't always have to be the sole focus of a photo and this is another pic that shows why - excellent Michel.
michel charronPhoto Uploader
Thank you Gavin,bigkahuna400.
Alan Hume
... just don't land short of the runway!
Good comment Alan. I'm surprised that the light poles are quite as high as they are on that bend in the dual highway. Would be a distraction for a crew landing at night.
Jim Smirh
"Would be a distraction for a crew landing at night." That would assume they had their eyes open. I always closed my eyes approaching anything scary, like no over-run... 8+|
Gavin Hughes
We can't see them in the photo, but would there be lights in that zig-zag formation? Presumably there would have to be in the in the runway itself.
michel charronPhoto Uploader
Yes Gavin,lights in that zigzag formation and in the runway...
Avion,Compagnie et aéroport utilisés, il ya 2ans pour de super- vacances à Madère.J'ai aussi plusieurs photos sur le même sujet.Bravo !
One great pic
Tells the story without 1 word
michel charronPhoto Uploader
Merci beaucoup Jean Claude et Maryloo
That's a dramatic runway. Wow... Awesome shot!
michel charronPhoto Uploader
Yes Robert,dramatic runway. Thank you for your comment...
You are very welcome.

I can't remember which of my many trips, but I remember coming into an airport, at a windows seat, looking out and seeing water, and all of the sudden *BANG* there was the runway, and *THUD* we hit the runway seconds after seeing ground. It was pretty amazing, and that pilot had to have a grin on his face a mile wide. He NAILED IT! Perfect! One of the best landings I'd experienced actually. Just dead on, perfect.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
22/ott/2020 B738Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l di Atene () 07:30 CEST 11:25 EEST Schedulato
18/ott/2020 B738Int'l di Barcellona ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 21:50 CEST 23:42 CEST 1:51
18/ott/2020 B738Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Int'l di Barcellona () 19:01 CEST 20:49 CEST 1:47
18/ott/2020 B738Alicante ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 10:28 CEST 12:41 CEST 2:12
18/ott/2020 B738Eindhoven ()Alicante () 07:18 CEST 09:22 CEST 2:03
17/ott/2020 B738Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Eindhoven () 19:53 CEST 21:57 CEST 2:04
17/ott/2020 B738Eindhoven ()Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) () 16:49 CEST 18:41 CEST 1:51
16/ott/2020 B738Krakow Int'l ()Eindhoven () 21:09 CEST 22:38 CEST 1:29
16/ott/2020 B738Eindhoven ()Krakow Int'l () 18:38 CEST 20:05 CEST 1:27
15/ott/2020 B738Faro ()Eindhoven () 19:02 WEST 22:42 CEST 2:39
15/ott/2020 B738Rotterdam ()Faro () 16:20 CEST 17:46 WEST 2:25
13/ott/2020 B738Faro ()Rotterdam () 18:36 WEST 22:13 CEST 2:36
13/ott/2020 B738Rotterdam ()Faro () 15:59 CEST 17:31 WEST 2:31
13/ott/2020 B738Málaga ()Rotterdam () 11:17 CEST 13:45 CEST 2:28
13/ott/2020 B738Rotterdam ()Málaga () 07:36 CEST 10:04 CEST 2:28
11/ott/2020 B738Faro ()Rotterdam () 10:40 WEST 14:39 CEST 2:58
11/ott/2020 B738Rotterdam ()Faro () 08:09 CEST 09:29 WEST 2:20
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