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Embraer 175 (N602CZ)
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Embraer 175 (N602CZ)



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Excellent captures as always, Scot. And I'm wondering if you can answer a question I have. Do you know what the photographic term "Camera Throw" means? (As in when a media directive states "Camera Throw 80 feet.") I've looked everywhere but all I can find is a reference to a camera ball that is thrown up in the air. I only have about 11 hours to find out if the media instruction applies to me or not. I was hoping you might know. Those two Air Force aircraft that are currently in your town are coming here tomorrow and I'm on the media access squad to meet them, but I have no idea what the "Camera Throw" restriction means so I don't know if it applies to me using my Canon camera.
Scot WattawaPhoto Uploader
Thank you, Gary.

I have never heard of that term before. The only thing I could think of is the throw of a variable focused lens. My lenses do not get bigger or smaller no matter the focus I am using. Unless you have special access, I think you should be fine. The only restriction I have heard of is if you go to an event and they do not allow DSLR's or camera's that have removable lenses.
TYVM, Scot. This is a special event; I'm leaving now to pick up my media pass to be in the local media group on the ramp covering POTUS's arrival. The restrictions didn't say anything about removable lenses. I hope there isn't one because all my cameras have such lenses. Oh, well, I guess I'll know very soon. (lol) Thank you for the reply, Scot. I don't think "Camera Throw" is applicable to me but again, I guess I'll know soon. (Wave of Thanks)
Really nice picture
Gary - I'm taking a guess here regarding "Camera Throw 80 feet"... given that 80' is a rather large number, I suspect this might reference your minimum physical distance separation from dignitaries, etc., as allowed for media photographers.

As for removable lenses, I doubt the security team would have issue with this as most media photographers would be using DSLR equipment.
Scot and Cliff ... I never did find out what it meant. Even the two agents I spoke to did not know. So, since I didn't get reprimanded or warned, I guess I didn't violate the directive. But anyway, guys, thanks for responding. (If I ever find out, I'll pass it along.) Also, I can't post a closeup snap of the POTUS stepping out of AF1 on this site (too political and not 100% "on topic"), but if you would like me to snail one to you, just let me know, k? I'll put up an AF1 snap taken from the press pad tomorrow.
sam kuminecz
Awesome shot of the 175 gary. A lot of pilots I know love this type. It's like A sports car they say
Gary - I was hoping you might find out what that "Camera Throw 80 feet" was all about. There is just as you said nothing related to it on the internet. Yes... please snail mail that pic of POTUS stepping out of AF1. I would enjoy seeing more of your photo work! :-)
Doug Lewis
I believe in these types of events, the media is restricted to 80 feet in which they are allowed to throw their cameras in protest of our great POTUS. I think I read that in the New York Times or Washington Post. Can't remember.
Tim Brink
With the edge of the runway exactly at the bottom of the landing gear and bottom of tail surface, first glance looks like a tail strike.. Perfect timing even if not on purpose.
If you emailed this photo to Delta's Chief Pilot would he approve of this maneuver?
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