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Great shot for a curious plane!
sam kuminecz
beautiful Beech 17 Staggerwing
The last pre-WWII Beechcraft. Rare design with retractable gear and, as is usual for a bi-plane, no flaps.
Alan Brown
Great photo of a sweet plane!!
serge LOTH
The Rolls Royce of The fourties..with a wooden panel in side.
nice picture.
David Seider
In my opinion, it is a rare aircraft design that can have the adjective "elegant" attached to it.
The Staggerwing is one of them.
Ken Oden
This was another example of civilian aircraft out performing all military aircraft before WWII. I had a chance to ride in a Stagger Wing back many years ago and even as a young pilot, realized the grace and speed of this Beechcraft product.
Tom Pera
1970... went to install radio/nav package on "Staggerwing".... had it all installed... but nothing worked... VOR, ADF, Transponder... all dead... tested wiring, tested units etc.. damn! wooden frames do not conduct electricity. no continuous circuit from instrument panel to black boxes installed under the rear seats... wood framed airplane! ran a ground bundle from instrument panel to black boxes and all fine... Beechcraft West Van Nuys Airport
1980, I was in Wichita going through factory KingAir pilot training. Olive Ann Beech was still kicking and owned her own 17. Beautiful, reminded me of a 1937 Cord automobile, leather, mahogany, and quality everywhere.
Quite the aircraft.
The Staggerwing did have flaps don't remember if they were on the top or bottom wing.
john cook
I was told that Reno air races had a Staggerwing class in the 60's
Beautiful plane and quite popular in it's time.
On my top 5 wish list.
Ailerons on the top wing, flaps on the bottom wing
Greg Byington
That is a nice pic, Scot! Especially since I'm guessing you don't see too many Staggerwing Beech's flying into Sky Harbor too often.
Scot WattawaPhoto Uploader
Thanks Greg, Actually this plane come into PHX a lot, but this is the first time the picture actually turned out.
Greg Byington
Well, ya did good! ;-)
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