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Boeing 737-800 (N905NN) - The mighty AstroJet.br /br /What a beauty.br /br /Bonus Global 7500 (N769F) in the background.
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Boeing 737-800 (N905NN)


The mighty AstroJet.

What a beauty.

Bonus Global 7500 (N769F) in the background.


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John Giambone
Sure did! Beautiful shot Steve.
steveflaigPhoto Uploader
Cheers John.
Magnificent livery !!
Walt Thompson
What a beauty is right, but I wish American had saved that livery for the B-757.
As has been remarked about the 757, "...all the earlier Boeing airliners looked like bombers; the 757 looks like a fighter"
Ned Griffin
Reminds me of the AA 707 I flew from BOS to BUF through a snowstorm in the mid 60s.
Who remembers that Astrojet livery on American's Convair 990's?

Very nice!
@ adelma >>> https://flightaware.com/photos/view/368798-1f0c53e32040c830d8be69edb5a0714b627e38df/user/RNOOldeCarl/sort/votes/page/1
Gary - thanks so much for the link to your earlier picture, and all your usual fine 'story' detail.

I worked for GD/Convair in the late 50's/early 60's - the 880 & 990 are real sentimental favorites!
@ adelma >>> And thanks back to you for your kind comment (re: my AA 990 pic). BTW, I have a pic of another 990. It's dressed in Northeast Yellowbird garb and was taken at Logan when I was there for a few hours in the late 60s. You are welcome to have a copy of it ( OldeCarl@gmail.com ) if you want. An interesting note regarding that pic. I had posted it here on FA several years ago. An FA person sent me an email saying that he had to delete the pic "because Northeast never owned a 990" so he thought the pic was a fake. (The guy's name was Michael.) I told him I would never argue with an aviation history expert like him so to go ahead and delete it and he did. Technically, he was correct; Northeast never did "own' a 990. But what Mr Michael "FA aviation history expert" apparently did not know was that the pic is a real one .... Northeast had leased that 990 from American. The pic of that 990 is actually rather rare; there are only two or three shots of it anywhere on the web. And because the history expert's knowledge was apparently not at 100% regarding Northeast flying a 990, he deleted a perfectly valid rare snap of it from FA's gallery. Lol, Lol
Chris Croft
Gary, here's an apt quote describing the FA "expert" you tangled with. "An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until finally he knows everything about nothing.” Cheers.
@ adelma >>> I had to do some searching to find that old print of the CV 990 in Northeast paint. Found it this AM. I'm going to use PS on it again and see if I can bring it back to a better condition. After the FA guy deleted it, I sent it to a guy in Massachusetts who put it on his Northeast Airlines history website. I think it still exists there. But the resurrected print I'm working on now will probably look better because I've learned to use PS. Will send in an hour or so.
@ Chris C (iffmode4) >>> As a footnote ... After FA aviation expert Michael deleted it, I emailed a link to him that described how Northeast had leased a 990 from American. A day or so later, I received another email telling me I could reupload that pic. No apology; no Thank You for sending the link, etc. So I'll send it directly to adelma (and you, if you want it), but I will never put that relatively rare shot back on FA. BTW, the same guy also deleted a pic I posted of a Douglas DC-8 in Braniff International orange paint that had been snapped at KBOS on the same day I took the Northeast click.
Chris Croft
Gary, the link would be appreciated.
Chris Croft
Whats the story behind the AstroJet designation?
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N905NN dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
06/lug/2022 B738Fiorello LaGuardia ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 18:39 EDT 21:08 CDT Schedulato
06/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 13:14 CDT 17:24 EDT Schedulato
06/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Vancouver ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 06:10 PDT 11:57 CDT Schedulato
05/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Vancouver () 19:54 CDT 21:51 PDT Schedulato
05/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Fresno Yosemite ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 13:51 PDT 18:40 CDT Schedulato
05/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Fresno Yosemite () 12:00 CDT 12:51 PDT In volo
05/lug/2022 B738Albuquerque Intl Sunport ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 06:12 MDT 08:28 CDT 1:16
04/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Albuquerque Intl Sunport () 20:13 CDT 20:30 MDT 1:16
04/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Baltimora-Washington Thurgood Marshall ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 15:41 EDT 17:17 CDT 2:35
04/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Baltimora-Washington Thurgood Marshall () 10:56 CDT 14:29 EDT 2:32
04/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Città del Messico ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 06:30 CDT 08:35 CDT 2:04
03/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Città del Messico () 19:07 CDT 21:11 CDT 2:03
03/lug/2022 B738internazionale di Washington-Dulles ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 15:29 EDT 17:10 CDT 2:40
03/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()internazionale di Washington-Dulles () 10:33 CDT 13:59 EDT 2:25
03/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Norfolk ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 07:13 EDT 08:47 CDT 2:33
02/lug/2022 B738internazionale di Charlotte ()Int'l di Norfolk () 22:56 EDT 23:46 EDT 0:49
02/lug/2022 B738Charleston Intl/AFB ()internazionale di Charlotte () 20:28 EDT 21:04 EDT 0:35
02/lug/2022 B738internazionale di Charlotte ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 18:45 EDT 19:16 EDT 0:30
02/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Kansas City ()internazionale di Charlotte () 14:09 CDT 17:01 EDT 1:51
02/lug/2022 B738internazionale di Charlotte ()Int'l di Kansas City () 11:53 EDT 12:51 CDT 1:57
02/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Miami ()internazionale di Charlotte () 08:36 EDT 10:11 EDT 1:34
01/lug/2022 B738San Juan-Isla Verde ()Int'l di Miami () 19:18 AST 21:35 EDT 2:16
01/lug/2022 B738Int'l di Miami ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 15:42 EDT 17:53 AST 2:10
01/lug/2022 B738internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Miami () 11:50 EDT 14:26 EDT 2:36
01/lug/2022 B738internazionale di Charlotte ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 08:10 EDT 09:30 EDT 1:20
30/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()internazionale di Charlotte () 21:08 CDT 00:03 EDT (+1) 1:54
30/giu/2022 B738Fiorello LaGuardia ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 17:29 EDT 19:27 CDT 2:57
30/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 11:44 CDT 15:37 EDT 2:52
30/giu/2022 B738Fiorello LaGuardia ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 07:57 EDT 09:54 CDT 2:56
29/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 17:54 CDT 21:47 EDT 2:53
29/giu/2022 B738Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 14:11 EDT 16:08 CDT 2:57
29/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Newark-Liberty () 08:53 CDT 12:45 EDT 2:51
28/giu/2022 B738Int'l di San Francisco ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 17:34 PDT 22:26 CDT 2:51
28/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()Int'l di San Francisco () 13:27 CDT 15:28 PDT 4:01
28/giu/2022 B738Fiorello LaGuardia ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 10:53 EDT 11:45 CDT 1:51
28/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 06:36 CDT 09:09 EDT 1:32
27/giu/2022 B738Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 20:03 EDT 20:54 CDT 1:50
27/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Newark-Liberty () 14:47 CDT 18:45 EDT 2:58
27/giu/2022 B738Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 10:59 EDT 13:03 CDT 3:03
27/giu/2022 B738internazionale di Charlotte ()Newark-Liberty () 07:27 EDT 08:45 EDT 1:17
26/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Austin-Bergstrom ()internazionale di Charlotte () 10:09 CDT 13:27 EDT 2:17
25/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Cancun ()Int'l di Austin-Bergstrom () 18:50 EST 20:51 CDT 2:00
25/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Miami ()Int'l di Cancun () 17:11 EDT 17:44 EST 1:32
25/giu/2022 B738Int'l Robert L. Bradshaw ()Int'l di Miami () 12:46 AST 15:28 EDT 2:41
25/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Miami ()Int'l Robert L. Bradshaw () 08:38 EDT 11:13 AST 2:34
24/giu/2022 B738internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Miami () 19:04 CDT 22:07 EDT 2:02
24/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Miami ()internazionale di Houston () 16:36 EDT 17:46 CDT 2:09
24/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Miami () 11:33 CDT 14:59 EDT 2:25
24/giu/2022 B738internazionale Cincinnati ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 09:12 EDT 10:01 CDT 1:48
23/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()internazionale Cincinnati () 22:24 CDT 01:08 EDT (+1) 1:43
23/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Tulsa ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 20:05 CDT 20:46 CDT 0:40
23/giu/2022 B738Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth ()Int'l di Tulsa () 18:24 CDT 19:07 CDT 0:42
23/giu/2022 B738Int'l Cuscatlan ()Int'l di Dallas-Fort Worth () 12:22 CST 16:27 CDT 3:05
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