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Airbus A330-300 (N814NW)
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Airbus A330-300 (N814NW)



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love the view from the road. nice POV ! 10 starz if I could :)
Charles Meade
I know perspective with a long lens can be very deceptive, but I am sincerely hoping that this was somehow photo-shopped :-))
Fantastic POV..
Love these photos.....its kinda like the Eva 747 photo
Dwight Hartje
Very nice! I think it is from the same location as the EVA 747-400 photo(which is the most viewed photo on the site). Seen in Daily newsletter!
Steve Emery
So there I was just toolin' down this quiet country road on my Harley when outta nowhere comes this Airbus A-330. Ya see that ditch on the left? That's where my Hog is! Damn thing's deeper'n it looks!
I thought the photo was at Gibraltar! Great & phunny photo.
James Hanley
wow.100000000 stars
max lyons
5 stars! Excellent photo!
Paul Adderley
This shot was taken at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, I like it for perspective between the people the cars and the plane, awesome.
noyhing in photo as what is happening here,is this a crash or what happned
Beautiful shot. Zoom lenses give it a special effect.
Roy Hunte
chase urie
ya a long plane raid so sure wow like 15 hurs
Good photo! What equipment you use? Here the big distance has to be. What EXIF at this picture? Thanks
"$hit! This isn't ATL! Joe, fire wall'em!
Aaron Harris
WHOO LOOK AT THAT MONSTER!! I imaging just driving by just to see it land right next to you! 5 stars!!!
Thomas Sexton
This is gonna leave a scratch!!
Ira Hargis
The 747 mentioned was in Amsterdam
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N814NW dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
21/giu/2021 A333Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Cancun () 13:35 EDT 14:45 EST Schedulato
20/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Cancun ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 17:38 EST 21:03 EDT Schedulato
20/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Int'l di Cancun () 10:10 MDT 15:18 EST Schedulato
19/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Honolulu ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 20:45 HST 06:29 MDT (+1) Schedulato
19/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Int'l di Honolulu () 12:18 MDT 14:21 HST 6:02
19/giu/2021 A333Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 08:44 EDT 10:08 MDT 3:23
19/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 00:26 MDT 05:32 EDT 3:05
18/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Cancun ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 17:18 EST 20:38 MDT 4:19
18/giu/2021 A333Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Cancun () 13:44 EDT 14:47 EST 2:02
18/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 00:31 MDT 05:37 EDT 3:05
17/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Cancun ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 17:19 EST 20:27 MDT 4:07
17/giu/2021 A333Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Cancun () 13:35 EDT 15:01 EST 2:25
17/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Detroit ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 07:19 EDT 08:39 EDT 1:19
16/giu/2021 A333Int'l di San Diego ()Int'l di Detroit () 22:27 PDT 05:29 EDT (+1) 4:01
16/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Minneapolis-Saint Paul ()Int'l di San Diego () 19:09 CDT 20:16 PDT 3:06
16/giu/2021 A333Int'l di San Diego ()Int'l di Minneapolis-Saint Paul () 11:56 PDT 17:03 CDT 3:06
16/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Detroit ()Int'l di San Diego () 08:45 EDT 09:54 PDT 4:08
15/giu/2021 A333Int'l di San Diego ()Int'l di Detroit () 22:33 PDT 05:27 EDT (+1) 3:53
15/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Minneapolis-Saint Paul ()Int'l di San Diego () 19:03 CDT 20:11 PDT 3:07
15/giu/2021 A333Int'l di San Diego ()Int'l di Minneapolis-Saint Paul () 12:10 PDT 17:12 CDT 3:01
15/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Detroit ()Int'l di San Diego () 09:02 EDT 09:57 PDT 3:54
14/giu/2021 A333Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Detroit () 23:01 EDT 00:24 EDT (+1) 1:23
14/giu/2021 A333Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 14:43 CEST 17:57 EDT 9:13
13/giu/2021 A333Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 20:13 EDT 09:59 CEST (+1) 7:45
13/giu/2021 A333Roma-Fiumicino ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 12:15 CEST 16:46 EDT 10:30
12/giu/2021 A333Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Roma-Fiumicino () 17:59 EDT 09:16 CEST (+1) 9:16
12/giu/2021 A333internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 11:50 EDT 13:29 EDT 1:39
11/giu/2021 A333Int'l di Atene ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 15:10 EEST 19:00 EDT 10:49
10/giu/2021 A333internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Atene () 19:59 EDT 12:23 EEST (+1) 9:23
09/giu/2021 A333internazionale di Washington-Dulles ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 18:23 EDT 19:13 EDT 0:50
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