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Fairchild Dornier 328JET (N677DC) - Not something you see often in the States. Dornier Jet... Operated by Key Lime Air. <br /><br />Please vote if you like my work.<br /><br />©Bo Ryan Photography | IG: BoRyanFlies
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Fairchild Dornier 328JET (N677DC)


Not something you see often in the States. Dornier Jet... Operated by Key Lime Air.

Please vote if you like my work.

©Bo Ryan Photography | IG: BoRyanFlies


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Vary nice. Just enough shadow, low light and sky to make a very attractive and interesting photo.
Larry Toler
We used to see a number of them in USAir Express livery and I think ACA flew them for Delta's COMMAIR. Great shot! I miss seeing them.
This bird was built no far away from us. But I´ve never seen it on an airport. Impressive picture.
Leon Kay
Great shot of an aircraft not often seen.
Tim Segulin
The sun just lifting the side of the of a very rare bird out of the shadow. Nicely timed, well lit. Good to hear Claude Dornier's name still applies to contempory aircraft.
Ultimate Air flies quite a few of these out of Cincinnati (LUK) to Chicago, Cleveland, NYC and Atlanta. Impressive performance for short runways.
It sometimes comes to KGEG as a Key Lime charter plane. Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA) Men's Basketball team has used them.
Rick Riper
Nice photo - love the colors. And beautiful plane
Skywest ran a few of these for Midwest Connect out of MKE. Fantastic little plane! Love your work - very well executed shots! (photo nerding now, what is your ax of choice, body and lens?)
Bo RyanPhoto Uploader
Thanks all!

@SmokedChops This was shot with a D5 and 200-400 f4. I shoot the D850 a lot also and like that camera a lot. Travels well.
Potentially seeing one in my local airport today (12/5/2020) from Laramie, supposed to be a Key Lime Air. It's an aircraft that might not be around for much longer so I am hoping to see it.
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N677DC dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
08/giu/2021 J328Telluride Rgnl ()internazionale di Denver () 13:02 MDT 13:46 MDT 0:43
08/giu/2021 J328internazionale di Denver ()Telluride Rgnl () 11:28 MDT 12:11 MDT 0:43
08/giu/2021 J328Clovis Rgnl ()internazionale di Denver () 07:48 MDT 08:53 MDT 1:04
07/giu/2021 J328internazionale di Denver ()Clovis Rgnl () 18:34 MDT 19:38 MDT 1:03
07/giu/2021 J328Telluride Rgnl ()internazionale di Denver () 13:34 MDT 14:18 MDT 0:44
07/giu/2021 J328internazionale di Denver ()Telluride Rgnl () 11:53 MDT 12:33 MDT 0:39
07/giu/2021 J328Clovis Rgnl ()internazionale di Denver () 07:47 MDT 08:53 MDT 1:06
06/giu/2021 J328internazionale di Denver ()Clovis Rgnl () 19:53 MDT 20:55 MDT 1:02
06/giu/2021 J328Telluride Rgnl ()internazionale di Denver () 13:06 MDT 14:22 MDT 1:16
06/giu/2021 J328internazionale di Denver ()Telluride Rgnl () 11:40 MDT 12:18 MDT 0:37
05/giu/2021 J328Centennial ()internazionale di Denver () 14:57 MDT 15:06 MDT 0:09
04/giu/2021 J328Int'l di San Jose ()Centennial () 22:53 PDT 02:10 MDT (+1) 2:16
04/giu/2021 J328Int'l di San Jose ()internazionale di Denver () 22:53 PDT Dirottato
04/giu/2021 J328Daugherty Field ()Int'l di San Jose () 21:07 PDT 22:10 PDT 1:02
04/giu/2021 J328Centennial ()Daugherty Field () 19:17 MDT 20:24 PDT 2:06
01/giu/2021 J328Int'l di Minneapolis-Saint Paul ()Centennial () 09:05 CDT 10:10 MDT 2:05
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