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Boeing 737-900 (N306AS)


KSJC - 9/6/2007 - While on approach and a left down leg to Runway 29 we spotted the Alaska 737-900 on final for 30L - I don't fly that often so it was cool to get this air to air shot! Photo from N5587R with the late Jared Wenger as Pilot. Click full for wide screen.


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Dave Sheehy
Tom-fantastic shot and thanks for sharing.
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thank you Dave.
Darryl Sarno
Incredible photo! Great catch on the fly :)
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks Darryl and Pampanga - it was difficult with the curved window in the c172 as we turned. Most of the photos on this jet were slightly out of focus as we had some bumpy air and filming through plastic windows is not easy.
zx zczc
Bit confused here....KSJC does not have Rwy 29.

I believe it only has 12R/30L and 12L/30R.

Am open to correction, though...
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
zx zczc - where are your photos? I can't believe you have nothing better to do than cruise the photos and make comments......I looked at 2 and that was all I needed to see. If you had checked the date on the photo & my comments, and if you had any common sense, you'd have realized the photo was taken long before the 29 runway was closed. How old are you?
Roy Hunte
Beautiful shot!
Great Shot
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks Roy and Roland....the timing on the arrival of the 739 was pure luck!
Don Ridgeway
Fantastic shot
zx zczc
Tom - My apologies, I stand corrected. Thank you for clarifying it so gracefully.
Your picture is marked from 2007 .. there was a runway 29 at that time. There were three parallel runways, 11/29, 30L/12R, and 30R/12L. 11/29 was about 4000' long and was called the 'touch and go strip' for a long time locally, even the Jepp charts had it marked as such. 11/29 was decommissioned recently, I want to say maybe two years ago, and today that is Taxiway W1.
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N306AS dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
26/feb/2021 B739internazionale di Denver ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 18:40 MST 20:17 PST Schedulato
26/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()internazionale di Denver () 14:00 PST 17:19 MST Schedulato
26/feb/2021 B739Int'l di San Diego ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 09:42 PST 12:09 PST Schedulato
26/feb/2021 B739Gowen Field ()Int'l di San Diego () 07:17 MST 08:02 PST Schedulato
25/feb/2021 B739Int'l di San Diego ()Gowen Field () 19:53 PST 22:55 MST Schedulato
25/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di San Diego () 15:45 PST 18:05 PST Schedulato
25/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Ontario ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 12:05 PST 14:25 PST Schedulato
25/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Ontario () 08:52 PST 10:55 PST In volo
24/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Las Vegas ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 17:41 PST 20:07 PST 2:25
24/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Las Vegas () 14:11 PST 15:56 PST 1:44
24/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Palm Springs ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 08:57 PST 11:43 PST 2:45
23/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Palm Springs () 19:39 PST 21:42 PST 2:02
22/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Tucson ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 20:03 MST 21:56 PST 2:52
22/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Tucson () 15:15 PST 18:47 MST 2:31
22/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Phoenix ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 12:07 MST 13:38 PST 2:30
22/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Phoenix () 07:11 PST 10:27 MST 2:15
21/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Sacramento ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 19:35 PST 21:09 PST 1:33
21/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Sacramento () 16:55 PST 18:15 PST 1:19
21/feb/2021 B739Gowen Field ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 14:37 MST 14:49 PST 1:11
21/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Gowen Field () 11:12 PST 13:03 MST 0:50
21/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Sacramento ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 08:20 PST 10:01 PST 1:40
20/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Sacramento () 18:56 PST 20:13 PST 1:16
20/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Lambert-St. Louis ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 14:40 CST 16:55 PST 4:14
20/feb/2021 B739Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Lambert-St. Louis () 08:07 PST 13:15 CST 3:08
19/feb/2021 B739Will Rogers World ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 16:13 CST 18:07 PST 3:54
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