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BOEING 727-200 (N291AS)


KSJC - Mid 1990's from atop the parking structure - one of the many 727s that flew SEA-SJC for years, shown arriving and on taxi to Terminal C. This jet delivered new to Alaska Airlines 3/2/1979 and sold to American Trans Air about Nov 1993. My 1st 727 flight was SJC-SEA in 1973 - after HS graduation on Continental 727 and my 2nd 727 flight was on an Alaska 727 SJC-SEA in Sept 1986.


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Gavin Hughes
Great photo Tom. Like seeing 'oldies' from an amateur's perspective and terrific to read a back story.
The tail number now belongs to a Beech 300, so I assume the bird was exported or became beer cans.
Darryl Sarno
Great history and photo Tom!
Jim Metzger
Love the Boeing 727 aircraft!
Nearly like the Caravell
Nice story and photo, Tom. Thanks for posting!
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thank you all for the comments..the 727 was a special jet for me...watching it's development every day from the hill east of BFI Seattle...it was quite the event up until Summer 1964.
Do they actually turn aircraft into beer cans or is that a joke?
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Spencer I have no idea....I'm sure the aluminum is recycled along with any other metals.
Mike Boote
I used to live in Long Beach near the airport and worked at Cal State Long Beach. I never needed to set my alarm as an Alaska 727 would take off at 7 AM for Seattle and my windows would rattle me awake! I was so happy when they started using an MD80 on that flight. So much more quiet!


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