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BOEING 747SP (N148UA) - KSFO - UAL 747SP stored on the ramp.
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KSFO - UAL 747SP stored on the ramp.


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C.W. Reed
3 years and not 1 comment on this one? Wow!! I thought the Torino station wagon would earn something! Especially the 747SP! Love this photo! Cheers!

Here's a second comment to keep the ball rolling on this. Unless an Airplane is in the "Air" I don't award an the excellent vote. In this case, the overall scene is very important which includes the cars. So a 5 vote it is, 3 years late but may have missed it.
Is that a gold Datsun on the left?
john doe
The interwebs indicate this bird last flew on 4Oct19 to KMZJ, allegedly for a "C-check", apparently an in-depth inspection/service. Most recently owned by some people from Quatar, now in transition to a new owner w/tail number N7477S.

And, yeah... Datsun B210 hatch, looks like.
C.W. Reed
The Datsun B210 is probably still on the road too! The Torinos? Meh! Probably NOT!!:]

Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thank you all for the comments! Cdub and John Doe are correct, that looks like a B210. When I took this I did not put the cars in for fun, it was a crummy aim but many years later now looks OK. Thank you.TV
C.W. Reed
Very welcome Tom! This proves a photo can improve with "age"! Cheers!

just picture the orange fabric interior, if not for the added weight it would have been wall to wall shag.
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