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BOEING 727-200 (N54327)


KSJC - STL bound TWA 727 on 30 L powering up for departure - I can still kick myself for never getting video of this jet at SJC - the few of you who know me have seen my shaky videos that i took here at SJC for over 35years - I never got this on video.....argh!! During AM weather Ops, when Runway 12R was in use, the TWA 727s would be rotating wheels off about the same place in view. I have a picture on this site of a different TWA 727 departing for STL fully loaded and it was dicey to say the least. The poor people who lived in the area south of 30L did not get to sleep in quietly on those days....


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Bobby Allison
Love it Tom! Thanks for sharing, excellent album!
Gavin Hughes
Great stuff Tom. Thank goodness we have our past adventures to fall back on during these slow times and isn't it bringing some cool stuff? Rather hope that doesn't stop.
Great shot of the three holer. Looks like an Alaska DC-9 in the background.
Lewis Tripp
Build or buy a house in close proximity to an airport and then complain about the noise. Tough.
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks for the comps, Bobby, Gavin, PW and Tripp....yes, I just need more time. Posting the older heat warped negatives takes time but is fun to look back. The Alaska Air is most likely a MD80 series probably MD 82/83 for Seattle or Portland...Tripp most of the houses in south of SJC had been there since the 1940s. SJC and City of San Jose officials removed almost the entire neighborhood to avoid complaints, and 'just in case zones" if something were to falter landing or taking off. San Jose had long been a Podunk slow moving airport to fully get up to speed, SJC is land locked by 2 freeways and totally surrounded now by hi tech homes and millions of people. we 1st moved there in 1967 and SJC was a tiny airport norhh oftown!
Alan Hume
It happens all the time in Australia. Money-hungry developers buy up pastoral land for suburban development and then pester the local council/gov't about aircraft noise. The airports were there first! Buyer beware! BTW, the 727s were one of the most graceful aircraft ever to fly. Beautiful when viewed overhead or on the ground or from any angle actually!
Awesome! My first commercial jet ride was on a TWA 727 from CLE to STL. Picked up an L-1011 there to SFO. Loved both aircraft. Thanks for posting. Great memories!
Ah flight 71, remember it well. Thank you for sharing and remembering TWA. Greatly appreciated ;)
Tim Erickson
Thanks for the memories. As a boy I got bumped to first class when my flight to Dulles was cancelled. Flew from St. Louis to Washington National sitting right behind Carl Icahn. Watching the flight attendants hop was totally worth the effort of getting home from DCA! That was 1985.
Thanks, TWA was my airline of choice until American bought them.
Joan Williams
Awesome shot Tom! Love those old scans...
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