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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress (61-0014) - Minot AFB  BUFF at Barksdale Air Force Base.
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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress (61-0014)


Minot AFB BUFF at Barksdale Air Force Base.


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No pasa de moda el veterano B-52. Preciosa foto.
Back in June 1983 we had a B-52 come up alongside of us at 32,000, over Great Bend, KS. They gave us the thumbs up before turning away. That was one of the GREATEST MOMENTS in my Cockpit years! 1st Officer Riley was acting like a School Girl at that moment. I never let her live it down...lol
No matter how you look at it, It's a BUFF.
Way cool. That the old girl still flies is even better!
Eric Schminke
The B-52 is no BUFF to this guy. Mean Menacing Beast would definitely fit the bill.
Wayne Parcell
Being stationed at Fort Bliss in the late 50's, with Biggs (SAC) Air Force Base next to us,the B-52 was a thing of beauty then and still is to me.
I am an AF veteran and had the good fortune and honor to work on the "D" Series BUFF's and was a Crew Chief for a short time prior to my Separation...
To me, the Boeing B-52 is one of the strongest and versatil aircraft ever built to proyect our power long distances!
It is a beautiful bird.
john dill
Our 103rd Bomb Squadron at Wurtsmith AFB, MI,got the first 18 B52H's. From 1961-l967, I flew 001 thru 019. We never got 002. I started out as CP, fresh out of UPS, and upgraded to AC in 65'. Only had two engine shutdowns inflight, both precautionary.Great aircraft. I understand it's been flown back to Barksdale from DavisMonthan to replace a Buff that had a ground fire in the cockpit.
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