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whet is this ? strainge bird , nice shot !!
It is a Transavia PL12 Skytruk used for aerial topdressing. Designed by Luigi Pellarini who also designed the earlier Bennett PL11 Skytruck.
very interesting bird indeed...
You might recall seeing one of these in "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome".

It is also known by the name "Airtruk", "Airtruck" and "Skyfarmer".
The nose of this aircraft looks strange. However, the original PL11 used parts from the North American T6 (Harvard), including the radial engine, so it looks like the PL12 was a rather crude way of adapting the airframe to use the much smaller Continental engine.
This sucker is uglier than spit!
Didn't I see this thing in that "Planes" movie?
It's also in Mel Gibson's movie Mad Max 2 or 3 if I remember correctly
Right off of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome!!!!
serge LOTH
that proves anything can fly with a little willingness...lol!
what is it
what is it?
Stefan Sobol
It is designed as a crop duster. The saying goes "if the pesticide doesn't get them, the bugs will die laughing".
Paul Smith
This is sooooooo ugly!

How ugly is it?

It doesn't fly, the earth repels it!
tim hogan
Transavia PL12 Airtruk. Brings back some memories. This aircraft was, for quite a few years, a common sight in the Waikato/King Country areas Nth Island New Zealand and was the successor to the Bennet Pl1 designed in New Zealand for aerial topdressing Team usually consisted of 1 aircraft and 1 loader truck with truck crew often being flown to and from base in the aircraft hopper Many thanks for the picture, I assume it was taken at MOTAT Auckland. You may care to check out Airtruk aircraft on Wikipedia and Motat museum siite
Bryon Fevens
I think its brilliant I admit. The platypus of aircraft ! :)


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