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T-50 ?
A Bamboo Bomber, AT-17 Bobcat. Shades of Sky King.
Chris Croft
"Out of the clear blue of the Western skies comes SKY KING, and his niece Penny.
Cessna UC-78 c/n 3760, ex-USAAF 42-58269, Date of Mfr 10 Nov 1942. Formerly NC60462/CF-HGM/N6440C. Preserved & maintained in “taxiable” condition by Bomber Command Museum of Canada, Nanton, Alberta.
a mentor
just how many of us recall "SKY KING, and his niece Penny" anyway?? :big grin:
Al Miller
And Sky's nephew Clipper.
Id Rocketeer
I remember Sky King.
I rarely missed Sky King and the AT-17 was great, until...
The 310 showed up, so sleek & slick compared to the 17.
jesse kyzer
Mike Waite
Out of the blue of the Western sky, comes Sky King!
Bror Monberg
Sky King and Penny! He did move on to a Cessna 310. Kirby Grant(highly respected in the industry)and Gloria Winters. Home field was 'Flying Crown Ranch,' Grover AZ. Keep after those cattle rustlers, Sky!
Fritz Cooper
Kirby Grant was a known quantity in central Florida as well as SW USA. I heard him frequently on the west side of Orlando Approach.

I guess Mr. Buffet became enamored of aviation by watching Sky King.

"I remember being buck-toothed and skinny,
writing fan letters to Sky King and Penny.
If I only had a pencil thin mustache,
then I could do some crusin', too."

from "Pencil Thin Mustache" by Jimmy Buffet.
William Owens
My dad had one of these, and we went all over the place in this plane, our Lockheed Lodestar and the little single engine Fairchild with the windows that rolled up and down like a car. My dad and Grandfather had purchased a pair of P-51’s that my mom hated. She told me about the times that they were going somewhere and when he started the engine fire was shooting out of the exhaust and it always scared her. My dad thought it was funny and told her that the fire would stop when the engine started. These old planes always bring back great memories! Thank You for your post!
Frequently called the 'Useless 78'. With the original fixed-pitch wooden props, it wouldn't fly on one!

But it's what got our guys into B-17's and B-24's . . .
Rick Hoffman
A Bamboo Bomber !
D Kaufman
I remember Sky King and Penny, a_mentor. I loved that show. Like Zoro, they were always doing 'good'.
One of the most fun to fly of Clyde's designs. Kind of a hot-rod for the era.
Chris Croft
Whether it was an AT-17 or 310, I remember the episode where several horses were snow bound on a mountain and Penny said to her Uncle " We've got to hay to those horses" And of course they did!
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