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Airbus A300F4-600 (F-GSTD)




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Guy Genbrugge
I see them passing over nearly every day coming from Toulouse (France) towards Hamburg.
Guy Genbrugge
They are called Airbus A300-600ST Beluga.
What is it used for?
Guy Genbrugge
Try the wikipedia-pages and you will find all the information you need to know about this aircraft.
Andy Power
No matter what they're name is or what it's called....They're 1 weird lookin jet (thought I'd use nice words! Ha ha ha)!
JOHN ROONEYPhoto Uploader
they pick up the Airbus wings made at Hawarden they come in daily there are five of them, A bigger version is out 2018/2019.
Guy Genbrugge
I've seen once that, recorded by a television crue, that all those parts were moved by special transport during the night, crossing several crossroads and very difficult roadpoints.A very rare operation.
Grace Payne
Great photo! I think the Boeing equivalent to this airplane is the Dreamlifter.
Had the chance to see a Beluga at Jackson MS (JAN) almost 12 years ago. It was quite the sight. It was delivering a mobile hospital sent from Germany a couple days after Hurricane Katrina.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
22/lug/2021 A3STToulouse-Blagnac ()Bordeaux-Mérignac () 16:30 CEST 17:04 CEST 0:34
21/lug/2021 A3STSaint-Nazaire Montoir ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 17:01 CEST 17:56 CEST 0:55
21/lug/2021 A3STHamburg Finkenwerder ()Saint-Nazaire Montoir () 13:32 CEST 15:21 CEST 1:48
21/lug/2021 A3STToulouse-Blagnac ()Hamburg Finkenwerder () 09:50 CEST 11:55 CEST 2:04
20/lug/2021 A3STSaint-Nazaire Montoir ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 16:03 CEST 16:58 CEST 0:55
20/lug/2021 A3STToulouse-Blagnac ()Saint-Nazaire Montoir () 13:55 CEST 14:44 CEST 0:49
20/lug/2021 A3STGetafe Air Base ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 10:36 CEST 11:33 CEST 0:56
20/lug/2021 A3STToulouse-Blagnac ()Getafe Air Base () 08:07 CEST 09:09 CEST 1:01
19/lug/2021 A3STHamburg Finkenwerder ()Toulouse-Blagnac () 13:26 CEST 15:27 CEST 2:01
19/lug/2021 A3STToulouse-Blagnac ()Hamburg Finkenwerder () 09:27 CEST 11:40 CEST 2:13
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