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Lockheed C-5 Galaxy (87-0027)


C5M "The City of San Antonio" based here at Lackland AFB


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Thanks for sharing this one with us!!!

Lackland AFB is where it all starts if you ever wear "blue"!!!
Steven Ealy
Love the C-5. Nice pic
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Cliff so true, Gateway to the Air Force!

Thank you Steven!
rwb2112... you are correct!!! That's exactly how the U.S. Air Force refers to Lackland AFB!!!
John Yount
If the Federal wildfire agencies were serious about stopping threatening wildfires and want to operate their own airplane the C5 should be the serious candidate.
Neil Slater
The hungry beast waits patiently for its unsuspecting prey to come just a little closer...

Biggest aircraft I've been up close to is a C130. This looks massive!
Don't you wonder what the Wright Bros and their "crews" would think about this behemoth-- when their tiny, super lightweight craft barely got off the ground?
Mark Thomas
It would be cool to see their reaction MaryLou, but don't forget, one of the Wright Brothers actually flew on a Lockheed Constellation!
Angel Ruiz
Excellent photo, reminds me of Dover AFB,DE . Cliff, Taday, Lackland is a beginning even for those that wear "green". (DLI)
Robert Huff
Been a fan of the C5A Galaxy since the 1970's when they lost the doors over Rome in a test opening.. Always love to see them in Marietta lumbering along, circling Dobbins AFB/Lockheed.
Chris Partin
Chris Partin
amazing picture!
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