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Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon


10/9/2016; Airport fly-by after their show over Old San Juan. This was a last minute appearance. Greatly appreciated by all, even if the weather wasn't optimal. Thank you Thunderbirds!


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Viv Pike
Just wondering why the 2-seater is in the same formation ...
PerryLPhoto Uploader
Usually, the F-16B is the advance pilot and show narrator ride. But it also serves as a spare. In this occasion, it has the number 4, so it`s one of the regular slot aircraft. What I wonder is why the centerline fuel tank is carried during the show?
Leon Kay
Thanks for a great photo and useful comment.
If it was just a fly-by, no need to strip the center tank. I remember the Thunderbirds doing the same when I was a kid at an airshow in NJ circa 1987. I remember that because the announcer saying we have a special guest to the show. Someone yelled, I hope it's Ollie North! Then the Thunderbirds rolled in. God, am I really that old?
Centerline tank is carried on two-seater F-16B / F-16D to match the internal fuel capacity of a single seater F-16A/F-16C. The second seat space in a F-16 B/D is an internal tank on F-16 A/C. Obviously this was just a fly-by not an airshow.


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