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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet (16-3435) - The Blue Break is capitalized by the moon in the background.
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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet (16-3435)


The Blue Break is capitalized by the moon in the background.


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Lindas fotos !!!!!
John Ell
Great image - if you're gonna do airshow photos make them interesting. This one is awesome.
a marvelous shot !
Bill Christy
I'd have to agree about the possibility of a Photoshop moment.
Any hard evidence this is 'shopped? If not, then enjoy it as an awesome photo.
alex kropf
The only evidence I can see is that smoke trail appears to be cloned where it meets the moon. The other thing is that unless it was shot with a tremendous lens I think they would be meeting the ground in the next 1/8 of a second... maybe it was shot from another aircraft. That would make more sense as far as the angle goes. :-)
my stomach!, but totally cool shot!
Mark Weiser
Photoshop - nice concept - wrong geometry
The only thing that I can see that might be photo shop is that the aircraft on the bottom left's smoke trail appears to be directly behind the other aircraft's wing, which would suggest a very close pass in front of the aircraft.
If that's not a five star shot, I don't know what is.
North Korea has won the coin toss. They've elected to receive...
Nice shot! gotta love the Blue Angels!
Jim Costello
Retreating from moonbeams
Daniel Hirsch
sick, #blueangelsrock
Dolores Allee
Just beautiful...
Jim Costello
That UFO is still following us, Sir
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