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Douglas DC-6 (13-1594) - Parked  06-22-2015
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Douglas DC-6 (13-1594)


Parked 06-22-2015


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Dave Wood
Thanks for sharing. Kind of sad to see these old military planes parked.
Joao Ponces
Indeed! Why nobody (Country) start to collect them and make a flying Museum? I don't mean a warehouse were they are parked, but an airport where people could experience what was flying on these 'revolutionary' planes, at the time...
Mark C
Clement this is a great picture of aviation history! I also agree with both Dave and Joao that this is really sad to see and that this plane would be much better if it was flying.

Joao it really comes down to the same thing as do most things in the world....MONEY! These older planes, the DC-6, DC-3, C-47 etc. are extremely expensive to maintain and keep in a flyable condition. With parts for these older aircraft becoming almost as rare as the planes themselves, rising fuel prices and the FAAs insistance on creating higher safety standards all the time for an aircraft to be deemed "airworthy" (don't get me wrong I know that the FAA does a great job with keeping us safe and as a pilot I respect that, it's just a bit inconvenient at times) the cost to keep these planes in the air is just too much. I would love more than anything to see these older aircraft in the sky again and not just sitting around getting rusty, but I just don't think it will happen.
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