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Pilatus PC-12 (N576RG) - Parked, awaiting a flight  06-22-2015
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Pilatus PC-12 (N576RG)


Parked, awaiting a flight 06-22-2015


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Yet another instance of inaccurate "ratings" being given to a photo. This is a clean, crisp, HQ snap, taken in difficult full-overhead sun light conditions, of a wonderful GA bird, but after four votes have been given, I see the overall rating is 3.75. Seriously? 3.75? This is a full five shot. I admit to a small bit of bias: the Pilatus is my #1 fave propbird, but even if I weren't biased, a 3.75 average means someone, at least one and possibly more than one, had to have voted this shot either "3" or lower?
OK, end of rant. This one is a primo 5, Clement. A tip of the cap to you.
Clement Roberts_ksjc408@aol.comPhoto Uploader
Thank You, Gary, Much appreciated !
Chris Leipelt
I'll have to say the same as Gary. The reflection of the wing on the side of the aircraft blends nicely with the wavy paint scheme. My only question is why did you cut off part of the tail?
Clement Roberts_ksjc408@aol.comPhoto Uploader
Chris; It was just due to the lens I had on the camera at the time, that i was at STS. Have developed an interest in the PC12 since I first heard of AMELIA ROSE EARHART (2014) making her around the world trip in one.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
21/giu/2021 PC12Palo Alto ()Camarillo () 09:42 PDT 11:05 PDT 1:22
15/giu/2021 PC12Sacramento Mather ()Palo Alto () 13:11 PDT 13:39 PDT 0:27
15/giu/2021 PC12Palo Alto ()Sacramento Mather () 11:58 PDT 12:28 PDT 0:29
10/giu/2021 PC12Elko Rgnl ()Palo Alto () 11:53 PDT 13:53 PDT 2:00
09/giu/2021 PC12Palo Alto ()Elko Rgnl () 08:28 PDT 09:50 PDT 1:21
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