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Douglas DC-3 (43-0147) - scanned from photograph
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Douglas DC-3 (43-0147)


scanned from photograph


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Charles Peele
To whom it may concern, Yes Douglas christened her DC-3. But our military, just like the one in your picture, named her C-47,
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
Charles, the DC-3, C-47, C-53, C-39, R4D, C-117,C-41,C-48,C-49,C-50,C-51,C-52,C-68,C-84,Li-2,L2D and Dakota all share the same ICAO code of DC3
Jose Martinez
My first flight was on the DC-3 55 years ago
Tomer Ariav
It was also my very first flight. It was 68 years ago, travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo.
Bill A
My first flight on this venerable bird ... a short hop from Tachikawa to Kisarazu, 1960
G Zorbas
My first flight on a DC3 36 years ago was out of East London (RSA), out over the Indian Ocean on an instrument check and then back again. I remember this flight very well because we all thought we saw a UFO over the ocean that day.

I still wonder if our eyes were playing tricks on us, could 6 pairs of eyes have the same trick appear to them all at once. (Cue the theme song from The Twilight Zone). lol
Edward Agni
My first flight 59 years ago for my 10th birthday. North Central Airlines from Detroit
Willow Run to Jackson MI
Love see the dogs and the flying truck!
Cardin Corbit
What a beautiful sight to see after six weeks of isolation due to bad wether on St Lawrence island during the wimte of 54-55.
terry kelsey
My first flight 66 years ago age 12. I think it was Midwest Air. From Milwaukee WI to Rockford IL. Three total passengers. Got to spend time in the cockpit when the pilot, who had been a B-17 pilot in WWII found out my brother had been the same, also in the 8th, same bomb group. Great thrill !
Doug Zalud
Again, the details.

It shows a period view of the cold weather gear. The construction of the dog sled with the dogs attached. The towbar, and part of the refueling truck.

Thank you, Sam.
earl coombs
My first flight in a C-47 was a hop from Offutt to Grand Forks in January in the 60's. I had slept in a chair in flight ops the night before leaving. Feet were soaked with sweat. Outside temp on the ground - 5 degrees F. A lot colder at 12,000. Result - one frostbit toe!!!
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