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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (N103AA) - 1971 DC-10-10br /scanned from photograph
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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (N103AA)


1971 DC-10-10
scanned from photograph


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sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
AAL96 had a decompression KDET-KBUF on 6/12/72
see report below

Jim Goldfuss
Pre-cursor to the Turkish DC-10 crash which grounded the fleet until the door issue was corrected. CAptain on AA had to use techniques similar to UA232 to get plane back down )asymetric thrust application) as floor above cargo door collapsed, cutting/restricting control lines to rear of aircraft (elevators in particular). Dont think they lost all hydraulics like 232, but had definite control issues.
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
I can't imagine what the passengers went through...passenger floor partially collapsed in flight...glad everyone walked away.
Tomer Ariav
I loved to see the DC-3 in front of the DC-10
very nice Sam!
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
in early 1970s American toured around the US with the DC10 and the DC-3
the DC-3 was set up as a flying museum and was full of memorabilia from the past...see my other photo...
Nice picture those dc 10s are loud fed ex has a small natonal hub at my airport and they fly over my house a lot
Chris Partin
WOAH! So your dah one who uploaded this! i remember seeing a FS2004 simulation on youtube, then i decided to check the registration on FlightAware knowing that the aircraft was scrapped in 2002, on the tracking page THIS WAS the photo that showed up! i clicked on it! great to know it was you who made this amazing photo!
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