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Boeing 737-900 (N75435) - Landing.
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Boeing 737-900 (N75435)




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Joao Ponces
Fantastic! One of the best photos I've seen!
Jim Quinn
Nice shot, Mr. Viduetsky! I have to ask, though--how did you get that high angle? Tower of some sort?
Mark C
Great shot Alexander!

@Jim Quinn I see that you have your PPL on your profile. If you take a look at an LA TAC chart you will find that one of the ways to transverse the class B airspace is on a vector over the approach end of the runways at I believe it's 2500 feet. I've only needed to do it once before but it is an amazing experience and I really recommend it to any pilot in the socal area (This is to any pilot: don't let the fact that it's a class B keep you from something like this, it's really not that difficult even without a GPS. I've heard of many pilots going all the way around LAX's airspace because they're worried they'll do something wrong but you just need to do your homework on how to cross and the controllers will help you out if you still need it).

The photographer will need to verify this but I have a feeling this is how the photo was taken.
Dwight Hartje
Another great overhead shot! Seen in daily Newsletter!
Alexander ViduetskyPhoto Uploader
I made this capture from an R22 Helicopter flying by LAX.
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N75435 dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
01/dic/2021 B739Int'l di San Francisco ()internazionale di Houston () 09:35 PST 15:06 CST Schedulato
29/nov/2021 B739Int'l di Portland ()Int'l di San Francisco () 19:30 PST 20:52 PST 1:21
29/nov/2021 B739Int'l di San Francisco ()Int'l di Portland () 16:50 PST 18:15 PST 1:24
29/nov/2021 B739Int'l di San Diego ()Int'l di San Francisco () 13:43 PST 14:47 PST 1:03
29/nov/2021 B739Int'l di San Francisco ()Int'l di San Diego () 11:13 PST 12:24 PST 1:10
29/nov/2021 B739Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di San Francisco () 09:20 PST 10:08 PST 0:47
28/nov/2021 B739internazionale di Houston ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 17:17 CST 18:08 PST 2:50
28/nov/2021 B739Int'l di Los Angeles ()internazionale di Houston () 10:35 PST 15:29 CST 2:53
28/nov/2021 B739Int'l Hopkins di Cleveland ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 07:34 EST 08:50 PST 4:15
27/nov/2021 B739Newark-Liberty ()Int'l Hopkins di Cleveland () 15:59 EST 17:08 EST 1:08
27/nov/2021 B739Int'l Hopkins di Cleveland ()Newark-Liberty () 12:11 EST 13:13 EST 1:01
27/nov/2021 B739Newark-Liberty ()Int'l Hopkins di Cleveland () 09:59 EST 11:05 EST 1:05
27/nov/2021 B739Int'l di Palm Beach ()Newark-Liberty () 06:08 EST 08:39 EST 2:30
26/nov/2021 B739Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Palm Beach () 16:52 EST 19:07 EST 2:14
26/nov/2021 B739Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()Newark-Liberty () 12:40 EST 15:06 EST 2:25
26/nov/2021 B739Int'l Hopkins di Cleveland ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 09:24 EST 11:39 EST 2:14
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