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Lockheed F-22 Raptor


Heritage break away pass at Lackland AFB Airshow 2008.


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Qi Ce
Ruihua Wang
Holy Cow! What an amazing shot!!! Thank you for sharing!
Robert Bell
Whoa! This picture deserves 6 stars.
Johnny Chan
ROC air force. great!
Great shot. Cant believe anyone would rate this photo less than 5 stars.
craug horner
Love it. reminds me of the 49th fighter group.
Roy Hunte
Great shot.
Looks like the big boys are bullying the little 'un! Lol
the P-40 leading the pack is painted with the colors of the original AVG Flying Tigers who were officially working for the Chinese Nationalist government against the Japanese before WWII officially broke out on Dec. 7, 1941
David Browett
Brilliant photos, good aperture on camera indeed
David Browett
Brilliant photos, good aperture on camera indeed
David Browett
Fantastic photo...well done
Ok, 20 stars for that one!
I'd give my left nut to fly one of these birds!
Dan Little
Spectacular! Thanks for posting!
a mentor
@Edward; The SunBurst on the wing tips was the Chinese insignia in the late '30s earliy 40s. I got to meet Claire Chennault (CO) of the AVG at the Reno Air Races -- a real crusty USMC Captain of the volunteer group SE Asia
Rob Nierop
Photo shopping??
Andre Blanchard
Fantastic. Epic shot


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