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Northrop Spirit


B2 at theRAF Fairford air show July 2017. The B2 flew from Whiteman AFB Missouri to Fairford England, he made two passes and flew directly back to Missouri. The round trip flight took him 36 hours as stated by the air show commentator The escort aircraft is a FA15.


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36 hours. You have to have your brain mounted right to be able to do that.
Escort aircraft is an F-15 not an F/A-18.
Jim Monaco
The round trip from Whiteman to the UK is about 32-36 hours, not one way.

And that escort aircraft is an F-15 Eagle NOT and F-18
Stephen GardenerPhoto Uploader
Yes I meant to say the round trip and thanks for the F15 details I always get these confused. Thanks guys
Larry Toler
Was the F15 from Lakenheath? I was at Mildenhall when the 48th transitioned from the 111's to the 15's. As far as that flight crew spending about 36 hours in a B2. Hats off to them, that cannot be comfortable. I think it's manned by more than one crew. I know with transports there were usually a couple of extras aboard to relieve the original crew.
Leon Kay
Great photo and thanks for the information provided.5*
I have a doubt about 36 hours trip. Direct distance is 7000 km and if you count longer way and some refueling you can get to 20 hours in the air. This is also duration of previous flights of B2 to UK and back.
If the duration was 36 hours it was not direct flight.
Joe Wood
One crew of two. No extra seating,unless you count the toilet. With only two ejection seats on the aircraft, who would decide who goes down with the ship in case of an emergency situation? The B-1 has four ejection seats but there is a jump seat in the forward cockpit for a 5th person. But this person has the unnerving task of blowing the crew entry door out, which in turn, blows the nose gear down, to use the attached door as a wind break and has to jump from the A/C.
Don't take long to fill up a log book using those type hours.


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