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Airbus A319 (N742PS)



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THe Registration number is not correct that you entered. Should be N742PS.
Still a nice photo of this Special Livery for the former Pacific Coast Airlines.
C.W. Reed
Used to fly PSA back in the 80's...always a great experience. 5 stars here!
John Friedenreich
I think it was Pacific Southwest Airlines
Michael McGrath
As a former employee of this great airline, it is Pacific Southwest Airlines. We still get together every year, even after 30+ years.
Micky ch
PSA was the airline that their planes always received you with a smile 😊
Leander Williams
I remember the good old days [and nights] of the Grinning birds. I remember the midnight flyer from SFO To LAX on the weekends was $10 each way... Within a year of being absorbed by USAir, fares had almost doubled on the SFO-LAX Routes. Back then they flew the 737-200 with the cigar engines.
Long Live Pacific Southwest Airlines!
C.W. Reed
The Bae-146 was very common on the FAT-LAX-FAT run in the mid to late 80's.
Doug Fehmel
I flew on that airplane from Norfolk, VA to Charlotte, NC back last October. When it came time for me to fly to Las Vegas, it was in line one plane ahead. I got a good picture of it taxing. It took off, but our plane never made it off the ground. There was a problem, and we taxied back to the terminal.
Mike Boote
I will always lament PSA - simply the best and most enjoyable airline there was. Southwest has tried to imitate the service, but it is a poor reproduction. US Air bought PSA and simply dismantled it. Ironically much like what American does to its merged assets - remember: AirCal, Reno Air, TWA - bought and dismantled.
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di N742PS dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
29/gen/2021 A319New Orleans Intl ()internazionale di Charlotte () 11:14 CST 13:51 EST Schedulato
29/gen/2021 A319internazionale di Charlotte ()New Orleans Intl () 09:30 EST 10:21 CST Schedulato
29/gen/2021 A319Gerald R Ford Intl ()internazionale di Charlotte () 06:20 EST 08:09 EST Schedulato
28/gen/2021 A319internazionale di Charlotte ()Gerald R Ford Intl () 20:42 EST 22:26 EST Schedulato
26/gen/2021 A319Gerald R Ford Intl ()internazionale di Charlotte () 07:18 EST 08:42 EST 1:23
25/gen/2021 A319internazionale di Charlotte ()Gerald R Ford Intl () 20:50 EST 22:18 EST 1:28
23/gen/2021 A319Int'l di Austin-Bergstrom ()internazionale di Charlotte () 16:06 CST 19:07 EST 2:00
23/gen/2021 A320internazionale di Charlotte ()Int'l di Austin-Bergstrom () 13:36 EST 15:16 CST 2:39
23/gen/2021 A319Int'l di San Antonio ()internazionale di Charlotte () 06:14 CST 09:22 EST 2:07
22/gen/2021 A319internazionale di Charlotte ()Int'l di San Antonio () 13:34 EST 15:31 CST 2:56
22/gen/2021 A319Int'l di Richmond ()internazionale di Charlotte () 06:56 EST 07:53 EST 0:56
21/gen/2021 A319internazionale di Charlotte ()Int'l di Richmond () 20:12 EST 20:50 EST 0:38
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